Finally, when the torch lit up at the end of the room, I noticed a huge throne. A wolf head was carved on the head of the throne which looked quite similar to the black wolf that chased me here.

My blood ran cold when I saw a figure sitting on the throne. The figure’s face was covered with a big hood, casting silhouettes on its face. Long black cloak flowed over its shoulder, resting lazily on the thick blanket of dust on the ground. The throne was several feet above the ground and the cloak reached its bottom. The rest of the person’s body was covered with black fabric.

Even when sitting on the throne, the person was tall and towering and I wonder how tall they would be once they stand upright.

The person’s hands rested on the hand-rest of the throne while their hooded head was held high. Their figure had a royal aura to it. Moments pass by as I hold my breath and examine the figure that doesn’t move a bit. The person was still like a stone and after close inspection, I come to the conclusion that it’s a statue carved with such a precision that it looked real and lifelike.

It must be another statue of Arles. I am just thinking too much. I shrug and turn around to walk away. That’s when a thundering growl shakes the ground beneath me. I turn around to face the figure again and this time when I see it move. I feel my heart beat faster.

Now, a dangerous amount of power and energy was oozing off its figure and my logical part was screaming at me to run away but I didn’t because I don’t run where my logical part takes me. I run where my curiosity takes me. So, I fully turn around and look at the figure on the throne.

“Who are you?” A deep voice asks which I presume belongs to the person sitting on the throne. Their voice was strong and demanding. They seemed to be someone of a higher authority.

Looking at the figure, I felt very tempted to near it and lift the hood to see the face beneath the shadows but I contain myself from doing so. Still, I mentally devise a plan to do it later if I get any chance.

Instead of answering their question, I question them “Who are you?” My voice comes out stern and demanding as well. I want to know who this person is and what are they doing here in this part of the ruins. The power and scent coming off the person tell me that they are not a rogue but at the same time, they did not seem to belong from my pack.

A thundering growl rings throughout the room and the chandelier hanging above my head shivers under its effect. The torches lighting the room flickers making the room dimmer.

“How dare you step foot on my land and question me!” The person growls out loud and I see black smoke rising off their figure. This person was giving me a dangerous vibe that should make me run for my life but instead of that, I find myself stepping forward to look clearly in the dimmed light.

“Your land? No, no, no. Officially, this place belongs to River Red pack. Even though this place is useless and deserted, it doesn’t mean that you could-”

“How dare you stake claim on what’s mine!” The person’s growl cuts me and they stand up. My mouth hangs open when I see their full height. The person was really tall and relatively wide. The black cloak wavers at their feet as they slowly climb down the stars off their throne.

“Who are you?” I ask again unintentionally stepping back because I did not like the energy radiating off them. When they reach the bottom of the stairs they stop and I sigh internally. I could clearly see black smokes, no wait a minute! It’s not black smoke! It’s black fire! I haven’t seen something like this before. It looked out-worldly. If I were in a different situation then I’d go near and examine the smoke but at the moment, I felt nervous and a bit scared.

“Who am I?” They growl. I step back again, trying to put as much distance as possible.

“I am the immortal king of all wolves.” They roared and I see the chandelier and the tinted window glasses shiver under their voice. It was regal, sending a shiver down my spine and making me want to run in the opposite direction.

“I am the lone wolf. Arles.” Their thundering growl rings out throughout the whole room, making the whole building shiver. The thick layer of dust that coated the walls started falling off and I took this moment to turn around and run but as soon as I reached the door, it shut right on my face, trapping me in the room.

“Where are you going?” Arles growls behind me and I turn around to face him. His hooded figure stood tall, looking powerful and regal.

“What do you think? You can come and go as you please?” He continues, his voice getting deeper and animalistic. My mouth goes dry and I feel my stomach churn painfully. Small beads of sweat lines my forehead and my palms get sweaty.

“This is my land and you-“He points a finger at me as he continues “are trespassing.” I feel Oculus Reaper, my whip tighten around my arm. Its wraps around it like an oversized bracelet. I could use it if he tries to harm me.

“And I don’t let them slip easily who step foot on my land without my permission.” He growls. His warning hanging fresh in the air as it charges with tension.

Did I get myself in trouble?

Yes. I got myself in deep trouble this time.

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