NEFRET meaning: Stunning, beautiful.



Suddenly, I am being tugged back by my jacket and turned around roughly. I tug my jacket back from his hold before growling at him. He growls at me and black flames ooze off his body. That’s when I come to my senses and realize that I just growled at a god.

Well done, Nefret.

“Who’re you talking to Nefret?” Mom asks and I could literally feel my grave being dug deeper than six feet.

With mom constantly rapping on the door and his presence in my room, I seemed to have lost my ability to conjure any thoughts.

I look at Arles. Black flames are oozing off his body and there’s this guttural air to his presence that makes my bones shiver. His head turns towards the door before he lifts his hand and point it towards it. Black fire emits from his hand and hits the door making mom go silent instantly.

My eyes grow bigger than saucers and my

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