Gwen woke up in her apartment and felt a moment of panic before she realised where she was. This is her home now, and it will be for the next four years. She took in a deep breathe as she stood up and went around her morning as usual. Sometimes she couldn't help but feel lonely, sure she has a friend in this world but she miss her former life and walking home from work and passing a dark alley at night did this to her. It turned her into a vampire.

She could dig why people wanted to be one or why they thought they wanted to be one since the Vampire world is kind of hidden, the heightened senses, the longer life, the fabulous beauty and all that and the only draw back that you get is drinking blood.

She did not have a choice since she was changed. It was just a year ago but she knew that her parents would have already declare her dead, that her friends would have already mourn her and her fiance. The man was a bastard. She tried going back to him once, she stuffed her nose so as not to smell blood and she had escaped from the compound and got into tons of trouble by breaking a lot of rules, just to go and see him.

The man was sleeping with whores in the apartment they shared and the bed that she had brought because it was sturdy. The bed that he had complained about as wastage of funds but she just had to buy.

And this was within a month after her suppose death. Since then she had been bitter about relationships and her trainer had noticed, he made her gone on rampage and killed a lot of people. She didn't kill anybody. All she did was scare her ex a little and since then the others vampires have been scared of her.

Apparently her powers were a little out of the norm, most vampires had increased strength or speed, some are enchanters and so on. She seems to have the enchanting beauty down to a pat without doing anything about it and most vampires including her trainer want an extra relationship with her and she had already told them that no, she wouldn't have a relationship after her fiancee and she was thankful that the vampires have a mate. They were rare but they will never cheat in you and if you die, they will follow you to the afterlife since they couldn't live without you and that alone endeared her to the idea of having a mate.

She had told her potential suitors but they didn't listen so she started to ignore them anytime they were acting like they were trying to pursue her.

Her other powers were a mind shield which she can't seem to take off, and psyche abilities, she could mess with people head and also move things with her mind although she could only practice the moving things with her mind since that was easy. She needed a teacher to teach her the other one and so far, they haven't seen another vampire that could train her yet.

Gwen was happy that she didn't have an aversion for blood as she opened her bottled blood to drink from it. Modern times have really influence the Vampire world. When bottled water came out, bottled blood also started existing and now, they have canned blood, blood pill and blood juice which happen to be blood in different flavors, she has yet to taste those but she will wait after all she has nothing to do until the end of time and that is if her life was not taken again but she knew that it would be unlikely since the Vampire world is protected by the founders. The primordials, although five have withdrawn from the society, Two were at the helm of ruling and they are all regarded as royalties. Why wouldn't they be, if not for them the vampires would be destroying themselves every few years which will lead to them not being able to grow.

Sighing Gwen stood up as she moved out of her apartment, she had delayed for as long as she could but she couldn't any longer. This month was physical training for her, she thought last month was torture when she was being taught Vampire history but now she knew what real torture is. Having your bones broken one after the other within eight hours is not something she look forward to.

She left her apartment as she walked down to the bakery at the end of the street, she stopped to greet her friend who was the owner of the bakery. Technically, vampires don't have to eat but when the baker is very talented and works with blood too, you can't help but get addicted to the food he prepares. He always create pie and cake and he always mix it all with blood.

" Ashley. " Gwen called out as she moves into the bakery.

" hey Gwen. " a tall handsome bloke said as he stood up from behind the counter. He was beautiful from the lack of another word to describe how he looks. And it makes sense seeing that he is an Enchanter but he rarely uses the gift and when he does, he has vampire women ready to maw him and so he refrain from using it especially in his bakery.

" I see you have the first batch out. " Gwen rubbed her hand together as she picked up the hot cookies and started to eat it. She was already down to five when she noticed Ashley looking at her. " what " she asked around a mouthful of cookies.

" nothing just that you are very pretty. " Ashley whispers seductively as she moved nearer to her.

" that is it. I am going. " Gwen said as she moves towards the door only to hear Ashley laughing. She look back at him and saw him with the cookie tray. " hey, not fair. "

" how is it not fair? You were eating my cookies. " Ashley said.

"they are meant to be eaten. " Gwen said. " and I couldn't resist. Have you tasted them. They are divine. "

" well thank you for the compliment and yes. I already know that they are divine. I made them. " Ashley said with grin.

" wow, humility is not wasted on you. " Gwen said sarcastically as Ashley laughs.

" you know it. "

" anyway. I need to go, Colby will kick my ass if I am late. "

" he will kick your ass even if your weren't late. " Ashley said as Gwen laughs.

" good bye. " Gwen waves at Ashley who waves back at her.

She left the store as she continued on her way to the training center, she knew that she could use vampire speed but she wanted to prolong the journey for as long as she could.

She froze as a smell entered her nostrils. A very amazing scent of blood that was intoxicating. She would normally control her thirst of blood but this one, she couldn't. Her mind blank and when she could think she found herself attached to the neck of a vampire.

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