Book 2 - Chapter 51

Chapter 51 – The Luna Escapes


Like what Viscount Daniel said, I ran—or more like plodded—as far away as possible from Sofia’s house.

The house was impressive—that was my first impression when I first glimpsed it en route to my escape path. The walls were made of white bricks and it was covered in vines almost deliberately to camouflage it with its surroundings. It had a landscaped garden and toadstool pathways—a standard in every fae house, but hers was a weird dark violet. The house was surrounded by autumn-colored trees and lavender-green grass; quite picturesque if not for the owner and the people living in it.

The bluish color of the barrier was visible around the house, yet I couldn’t quite figure out the depth of its coverage: how many kilometers it stretched or how high it reached the sky.


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Rizza Toquillo
ha ha ha so exciting😀😀😀
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Giamaria C. Isgett
Aero made it!!! Love this book so far!
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Great book glad she's not alone!

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