Book 2 - Chapter 54

Chapter 53 –The Scent of the Queen


I must say, Calaheim did me a favor. The area where the portal ended brought me inside a house that sickeningly smelled like Sofia. I was in a foyer in what I could reckon as the second floor, judging from the nearby stairs I spotted and the grand chandelier hanging on a beam just leveled with my line of sight. Below me, I could hear a woman talking—or more like complaining—together with a man groaning in pain.

I instantly recognized their voices. One was Dr. Rutherford or Hilda with a rougher tone now than before, and the second was from Viscount Daniel.

Slowly, I inched closer to the stone balustrade to spy on the situation. The viscount’s rough state made me clench my hands instantly.

He was shirtless and bloody, with his arms and chest wounded with a slicing cut of a blade. This blade was visible on Hilda’s hand. The edge was pointed to

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Giamaria C. Isgett
Yesss!! Aero is there to be with Serena! I cannot wait to see him bond with his mom and Aurora too!

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