Chapter Fity-Three

Stolas hissed as he lowered himself into the hot water. He sat down, watching as Candy brought her hand up to Annie’s cheek, guiding her to look up at her. She pressed her lips to Annie’s.

Candy’s tongue moving along the seam of Annie’s lips as Candy brought her hands up, cupping Annie’s breasts.

Annie let out a small gasp as Candy rolled her nipples between her thumb and forefingers. She could feel Candy smile against her lips as her tongue moved into her mouth. Caressing the roof of her mouth before skimming over her teeth, finally moving against her tongue. She jumped, feeling Stolas’ fingers moving over her hipbones. Tracing the curve before moving lower, his thumb moving over her clit with soft yet firm touches.

Annie pulled away to look at him, “But Candy hasn’t-” 

“It’s okay,” Candy said, plucki

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