Chapter Fifty-Five

Candy moved to the door, pulling it open and stepping into the hallway.  “Dev, wait up.” 

“Candy,” he said, turning to look back at her.  His green eyes filled with worry. She wished that there was something she could do, some words she could give him that would ease his fear. If it were Annie she had to protect, she’d do the same. Candy didn’t think she’d ever need to protect Stolas, but if she had to, there was no doubt that she would protect him just as fiercely.

“Wait to talk to Drake before you go.” She said, as she moved closer to them. Anna’s eyes were unseeing, and she worried about what had happened to the girl when she was with Nash to make her close off like that. 

“I don’t want to put the pack in danger, bringing the dragon elders here...”  Dev paused, running a hand thro

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“Leave her alone Freddy” ??? I’m deceased
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Charlotte Moore
I kinda wanna know what happened with Abby & the guys

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