Chapter Twelve

Stolas looked away from the game that he and Sam were playing. His friend was being quieter than normal.

“What happened with the wolves and the vampire?”  Stolas asked, looking back at the screen.

“They wanted time with her.”  Sam said with a frown as he watched the character toss a grenade with a smile.  He needed this kind of destruction to pull his mind away from her face.  

Lilith had looked so betrayed as he had placed a hand on her shoulder and one on her chin.

“So do you.”

“All I’ve got is time, they don’t.  Well, the half-breed does.”  He said, his lip curling in disgust.  “I’ll get her to myself soon enough.”

“How will you manage with the others?”  Stolas said, watching the screen

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Jane Knight
Thank you all for the amazing comments and for reading <3
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Jane Knight
I do like to tie them all together ;) not just to the bed lol. I'm excited to start Trapped soon <3
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Jane Knight
I'm so glad to hear it and I do like to tie all of my books together <3

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