I reclined into my seat, reading newspapers were exhausting. The same headlines everyday. I knew that if I wanted to act like a judge at least I should be able to take a book and read on it.I stumbled on a textbook titled Elon Ad Vortem. It was an unfamiliar language that kept me intrigued. I checked it up on the internet and I couldn't belive that the meaning was so simple in contrast to the name itself. It meant Peace and Justice. I opened the pages and flipped through it .It was quite an heavy and voluminous textbook and the bulky paragraphs didn't help my condition.

I can't do this.

I opted to ask for Eniola's help.I yelled her name but I got no reply. Maybe she was trying to ignore me as usual. I stood up and checked through the glass windows and Eniola was fast asleep like a bird except that she was snoring loudly.

I wanted to wake her up but I was scared of the temper she might wake up with ,so I walked grudgingly into my office silently. I picked the textbook once more and dived into it with a stubborn determination.


I never thought that I might end up being a murderer until tonight. Adrenaline pumped up into my veins as David lurged towards me with anger evident in his eyes. I crawled like a child but I was much faster as fear took over my temporary stunt of bravery.

Tolani screamed in pain as David retraced his steps towards her and he carried her in his arms. I could still hear their conversation as I was almost outside the doors that once held me hostage.

"I need medical attention right now.I don't want to lose my baby." Tolani cried.

"But what about the judge?" David asked.

"My baby comes first before any bastard. When I am okay, we would find him and kill him." Tolani reassured.

"He's going to escape. Tolani I have to do something." David yelled.

"No,I am at the verge of dying. There's a rod inside my chest and you are worried about that idiot?" Tolani yelled.

I was at the back of the uncompleted building. My bloodshot leg couldn't carry me anyway far so I decided to hide till they were gone. I heard the kicking of a car and I knew David was behind the wheel.

Minutes later, I heard no voices. Only the silent whisper of insects as they swarm around my leg. I was free from my kidnappers. I crawled with an intense pain in my leg as I came across a forest.

This was my last strand of survival and I had to do it. My hands caught sharp twigs and bit of glass and ceramics stuck in my arms. I yelled in pain but I covered my mouth with my left hand as I journeyed like a four legged animal, the forest seemed endless.

I said a quick prayer to God as I didn't want my life to end without seeing Eniola. Soon enough, the forest gave way to an empty tarred road flanked with thick grasses. I crawled faster as my heart thumped faster in delight.

I failed to notice an incoming trailer as I was already at the middle of the road. I screamed as the trailer was heading towards me at a full speed. I closed my eyes waiting for death to take over.


I checked the time on the clock resting on the green wall.It was 5:30pm and Eniola was still fast asleep. My muscles in my hands felt weak ,I shook them sharply and a yawn formed from my mouth. I picked up the textbook I was reading earlier as it was very interesting.I locked my door and moved closer to Eniola's desk.

"Eniola wake up." I said banging the desk lightly.

Eniola simply stirred and turned her face to the opposite end and continued sleeping.

I had no idea how to wake her up in a polite way and I didn't want traffic to catch up with me. I had to be selfish and consider myself.

So I crouched closer to where Eniola was facing , placed my lips few metres away from her ear and I screamed into it.

Eniola got up startled holding her ear angrily.

"You found no single way to wake me up except for that crude method. How charming." Eniola hissed.

"In my defense, I wanted to go home quickly and you refused to get up after my first trial." I retorted.

"Great you just ruined my evening." Eniola said reaching to pack her bag.

"Was your dream so interesting? Do you want to sleep more?" I teased.

"If you were taught strict home training, you should know you are supposed to apologize now." Eniola said arranging her desk.

"I refuse to apologize to a mere lady" I said chuckling.

"And I refuse to be moved by your silly words." Eniola retorted.

"Eniola calm down. I was only trying to make you laugh." I said.

But Eniola hissed and walked out on me. I knew I went too far but she really did have a bad temper.

I followed her but her strides were quick even in heels. It was hard catching up with a fire breathing woman. Eniola was at the underground parking lot still walking fast and I knew she wanted a ride even without speaking.

"Eniola, I am sorry, see I said it." I said raising my hands as an approval.

Eniola spun around and looked at me quizzingly.

"That's not the way I want you to apologize." Eniola said rolling her eyes.

"So how can I please you?" I said smiling.

"Get on your knees." Eniola winked.

"Wait, what?" I started to talk.

"You expect a full grown man to kneel before you just for forgiveness?" I yelled.

"Do you want to be forgiven or not?" Eniola teased.

I bit my lower lip. I had my pride as a man but she was taunting me with it. If I want to survive this act of being a judge, I knew I had to have Eniola by my side.

So I bent slowly till my knees greeted the tarred ground.

"Are you happy now?" I said with a weak smile.

Eniola bursted into a big laugh as she pressed her bag to her stomach to restrain herself.

"I thought you weren't going to. I never knew you were so desperate." Eniola said laughing to the point that tears were brimming down her face.

"You are laughing to the extent that you are crying. That's very shameful." I said smiling.

"See pot calling kettle black. You are kneeling before a woman." Eniola teased.

I was already tired of what she was trying to do. So I stood up and I scooped Eniola over my arms and I spun her around in a clockwise movement.

"Please stop." Eniola said laughing.

"Say you are sorry." I replied chuckling.

"I am sorry I made you kneel. Now put me down." Eniola screamed.

I made to drop her on the ground but Eniola's legs were shaky as she landed on the ground with a loud thud and the contents in her bag spilled out on the ground.

I reached to pick up the contents in a fast motion as there were biscuits nylons sprawled on the floor. Eniola still eats biscuits like a child. But there was an bottle that I and Eniola made to reach for at the same time but I was quicker and the bottle rested in my hands.

But there was a huge silence between us when I saw what was inscribed on the bottle and I saw Eniola's face had fallen. I was in utter shock and I forced the words out of my mouth.

"Eniola why do you have anti depressants?"

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