For the first time in my fake world, I was delighted with myself. I was basking in the glory of finishing a case without breaking a sweat and everything was made easy with Eniola. I heard quick strides of heels and I knew who it was without looking back.

"Great job." Eniola said, patting me on the shoulders slightly.

"I know. I am the best." I said blushing furiously.

We walked to the office, giving each other brief smiles as I was too happy to wonder what would become of Mariam. As soon as I turned the door knob, Kemi jumped in my face holding fries and chicken wings in a bowl. Eniola's face turned to a scrowl as she leaned on the door with a stuttering elegance that looked more stunning than a model on the runway.

"Don't you know that it's unhealthy to give your boss such food at noon? Don't you know it contain so much sugar that would lead to diabetes

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