I kicked bottles that were littered on the floor till I reached my office door. I opened it and noticed Eniola's desk was still empty. I sighed deeply and removed my jacket. I hadn't seen or heard from James in two days and it was getting worrisome. I almost failed to notice Kemi typing swiftly on the computer sitting on her rowdy desk.

"Good morning Kemi, you are quite early this morning." I said, checking my watch.

"Well, I have to be punctual to keep my job sir." Kemi remarked, standing up.

"Have you eaten sir?" Kemi added, tilting her head.

"No, I haven't, I'll probably head to the court lounge to get something to eat." I concluded, rolling up my sleeves.

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OH MY GOODNESS!!!! ??? This is the ending, but I feel like it's also the beginning of something bigger

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