True Omega
True Omega
Author: Sleepykitten13

Chapter 1

Samantha sighed as she got up. Alpha had hit her yet again last night. No matter what she did, he was always mad at her lately. She couldn't do anything right. She painfully pulled her small, eight year old body out of the closet that Alpha insisted that she sleep in.

She quickly looked around and relaxed when she realized that he was already gone for the day. She remembered that they were having a new pack visit for some training today and reasoned that he left early to greet them. She better get to work while everyone was out of the pack house. Alpha wanted her to clean the house but she was forbidden from letting anyone see her. It made her life even more difficult. Alpha would hit her if she didn't get her work done but he would also hit her if anyone saw her. She didn't stand a chance most days but since everyone should be at training, she should have a few hours to clean. Hopefully she could most of her weekly cleaning done and Alpha would be pleased for once.

She scurried down the stairs and decided to clean the common rooms first since those were the hardest to clean and the most used. She finished the entertainment room, kitchen and lounge. Now she just had to clean the library. She pulled her cleaning supplies into the room noisily and froze when she heard two sharp intakes of breath. She slowly started to back out of the room.

"Stop" a powerful, deep voice commanded.

Samantha closed her eyes. He was another alpha. She could tell by the voice.

"I'm sorry Alpha. I thought that everyone was out training" she mumbled with her eyes still closed.

"Come here" he commanded and she did as she was told.

She opened her eyes and walked toward the two figures. One was a huge man with black hair and dark eyes. The other was a curvy woman with gray eyes and auburn hair. The woman smiled at her while the man frowned.

"I'm so sorry. Alpha David will be so mad if he finds out that you saw me. Please don't tell him" she begged and both their faces softened.

"Oh my Goddess! Can you feel it, Jack?" the woman gasped.

The man, Alpha Jack, nodded as he stared at Samantha.

"Why do you have so many bruises, princess?" he demanded and Samantha stared at the floor, not wanting to answer.

"Answer me" he said in his Alpha voice and she had no choice.

"Alpha David hits me because I make so many mistakes" she whispered.

The couple looked enraged for a moment and Samantha panicked. The women saw her terror and reassured her.

"We aren't mad at you, dear child. How old are you and where are your parents?" she asked.

"I'm eight and I don't know where my parents are. Luna Suzy found me wandering in the woods when I was about three years old. She took me in and she and Alpha raised me as their daughter but she was killed a year ago." Samantha explained in a soft, halting voice.

"Is that when he started hitting you?" the woman asked and Samantha nodded.

"He said that I couldn't stay in my room anymore. It wasn't safe. He made me sleep in his closet. He also said that I wasn't allowed to let anyone see me anymore. He was the only person that was safe" She added.

The woman looked at Alpha Jack and he nodded.

"Do you want to stay with him?" Alpha Jack asked.

Samantha paused for a moment and thought.

"No. He told me that I'm to be his wife and mate soon. I don't want to be his wife" she replied.

"HE WHAT?!!!" Both the woman and Alpha Jack exploded.

Samantha didn't know what to do so she reached out to touch the woman's arm on instinct. The woman immediately relaxed.

"Jack! She's so powerful. I've never felt anything like this." she whispered.

"Can you touch his arm like you did mine?" she asked Samantha.

Samantha nodded and cautiously reached out to his arm. When she touch him, he seemed to melt.

"Woah. I've felt a few Omegas before but she's the most powerful I've ever met" Alpha Jack said and the woman nodded.

"Omega? Luna Suzy said I was an omega but Alpha David said that she was lying after she died." Samantha asked.

"We'll talk about that later" the women replied.

"I'm Alpha Jack and this is my Luna, Sara. We are from the Dark Moon Pack." Alpha Jack introduced.

"I'm Samantha and I live here in the Golden Pack" Samantha shyly replied.

"We would like to help you but it would mean that you would have to leave with us now. Is that okay?" Luna Sara asked.

Samantha thought for a moment and then nodded. She used to have lots of friends in this pack but she hasn't seen any of them since Luna Suzy died. It was like they all forgot about her.

"Yes. I don't have anything to pack. Alpha made me leave everything when I moved into the closet" she answered.

"But how do I know that you won't hurt me? Alpha said that everyone will hate me and want me dead. That's why I had to hide" Samantha asked.

Alpha Jack got down on his knees so he could be at her level. He looked into her eyes for a moment.

"I promise on my honor as a Alpha that I will not allow anyone to harm you" he promised.

Samantha saw the honesty in his eyes and she nodded.

"Okay." she agreed.

"I'm going to mind link the rest of the pack to have them distract the Alpha while we leave. I'll have Sean and Taylor come to protect us" Alpha Jack explained and Luna Sara nodded.

"Can you lead us to the door?" Alpha Jack asked Samantha and she nodded.

She led them right to the front door. Right as they walked out, two huge men jogged up to them. Samantha shrunk back and grabbed Alpha Jack's and Luna Sara's hands.

"It's okay, Samantha, these men are warriors in our pack. They will protect you, always" Luna Sara said and Samantha looked at them, shyly.

They were twins both with brown hair and brown eyes but one was slightly larger than the other.

"Alpha David is working with the rest of the pack and should be for the next hour or so." one of them said.

"Is this her?" the other one asked.

They both looked at Samantha and their faces softened.

"Wow! You are right, she's powerful. How could someone harm her?" one asked.

"Losing a mate can cause a wolf to go mad. I think that's what happened here. We will contact the Werewolf council when we are back home and safe. We need to go now to protect her" Alpha Jack explained and the men nodded.

"Samantha, this is Taylor and Sean. They are going to help us leave, okay?" Alpha Jack said and Samantha nodded and held out her hand to shake.

Both the men took turns shaking her hand. She saw them both take a deep breath when they touched her.

"I'm Sean and that's my twin, Taylor." the bigger twin told her.

"Is it okay if I carry you, little one? You look like you are in pain and I don't want you to hurt anymore. Plus we will be able to move faster if I take you" Sean asked.

"You promise that you won't hurt me?" Samantha asked him.

Something almost broke in Sean and Taylor then and tears were in both of their eyes.

"No, sweetheart. We would never harm you in anyway" Taylor replied

"I promise" Sean added and Samantha nodded. Sean picked her up and she tucked her head under his chin.

"Do you know where the garage is, Samantha?" Alpha Jack asked.

Samantha nodded and pointed the way. She was glad that Sean carried her for it was a long way and she was weak. Alpha David hadn't given her any food in almost a whole day and she felt dizzy. They got to the garage quicker than Samantha thought that they would.

"Mary and Ash are packing up all our things they will be out side the front door in a few minutes" Luna Sara said and the men nodded.

They quickly located the cars that they needed. Alpha Jack got into one.

"Put Samantha in here with Sara and I. You two drive the other two cars. Go pick up the luggage and the rest of the pack in five minutes. We will meet you at the diner we stopped at on the way here." Alpha Jack commanded.

Sean looked torn when he put down Samantha and glanced at his Alpha.

Jack nodded and said, "It's okay, Sean. We'll be alright and you and Ash can ride with us on the way back".

"I'll see you in just a few minutes, little one." Sean whispered to Samantha.

She hugged him and let him go but watched him and his brother get in the two black vans.

"We will see you soon" Luna Sara called and the twins nodded.

Alpha Jack drove quickly away. When the car reached the road, he floored it and Samantha could only see a blur outside the windows.

"We are in hurry to get out of the Golden pack's territory. We don't want to have to fight with you around and we want to make sure that you are safe. We will stop at a restaurant once we are safe and get you something to eat. You look hungry. When was the last time you ate?" Luna Sara asked.

"Alpha David gave me some toast yesterday morning" Samantha replied.

Alpha Jack growled but Luna Sara shushed him.

"Well all that is over for you now. You better get ready to be spoiled. Our pack is going to love you and there will be no way that you will ever miss a meal again. Even if you wanted to" Luna Sara continued and Samantha smiled.

A bit later, they pulled into a parking lot and stopped.

"The rest are on their way. The Golden pack didn't know what was going on and Alpha David didn't see them leave." Alpha Jack reported and Luna Sara seemed to relax.

"They will be here in about ten minutes" he continued and Samantha stiffened.

Alpha Jack smiled at her.

"Don't worry, they will all love you and none of them would ever harm you. Sara and I wouldn't let them" Alpha Jack reassured her.

"Let's head in and go to the bathroom. We can clean you up in there. I think I have an extra shirt in the trunk. It will be big on you but at least it's clean." Luna Sara offered and Samantha nodded.

Sara got the shirt out of the trunk and the three of them hurried in. Alpha Jack and Luna Sara both blocked Samantha from view with their bodies as they walked to the bathroom.

"I'll get us a big table. Come out when you're ready" Alpha Jack said as Sara and Samantha hurried in the door.

"Let's wash your face and then I'll brush your hair, okay?" Luna Sara suggested and Samantha agreed.

Sara helped wash the grime off her face and was both pleased and disappointed. She was pleased to see how breathtakingly beautiful Samantha was but she was sadden to discover that dark areas that she hoped was dirt were actually bruises.

"Can I please take pictures of your bruises? We might need to show evidence to the council" Sara asked and Samantha nodded.

Sara quickly took pictures of Samantha's face with a camera from her purse.

"Can I see your back and stomach?" Sara asked.

Samantha lifted her shirt and Sara hissed at the sight of so many injuries. She took pictures of her stomach, back, arms and legs. Sara had tears in her eyes when they finished.

"Let's change your shirt and take care of your hair now" Sara said.

She helped Samantha take off her dirty, torn shirt and replaced it with the soft, blue one the Luna brought. It was big but Luna Sara pinned the collar with some safety pins from her purse and it worked. Sara then gently brushed out Samantha's long black hair. She braided it when she got the tangles out and tied it with a holder.

"Okay. What do you think?" Sara asked as she turned Samantha to the mirror.

Samantha smiled at the reflection.

"Thank you, Luna Sara!" she gushed and hugged Sara.

Sara held her for a moment.

"Come on, let's go get you some food. The rest of the group should be here. Don't be afraid, I'll be at your side the whole time" Sara instructed and Samantha nodded.

They walked out of the bathroom and into the dining area. Suddenly, Sean ran to them and scooped Samantha up. At first she cringed but then she smelled Sean and giggled softly.

"Little one! You look nice" he whispered and cuddled her.

Luna Sara shook her head at him but smiled. He carried her over to a table full of big men and beautiful women.

"This is my mate, Ash" Sean gestured to a dark woman with black hair and brown eyes.

Samantha immediately liked her and held out her hand to shake. Ash grinned at her and hugged her awkwardly in Sean's arms.

"This is Steve and Mary, the beta couple" Sean nodded to a blond man and women.

The man had blue eyes and the woman had green. They both smiled at her and Samantha waved.

"You remember Taylor and this is Mike and Tom. They are warriors too" Sean explained as Samantha examined them.

Mike had red hair and green eyes and Tom had dark brown hair and brown eyes.

"This is Samantha, everyone" Sean finished and they all stared at her.

"Hi" Samantha said softly.

"Wow. She's amazing" Tom mumbled as he stood up and walked closer to her.

Mike followed him, nodding.

"It's nice to meet you, Samantha" Mike said as they reached her.

They both held out their hands for her to take and she took turns shaking them.

"I can't believe it. How could someone hit her?" Tom asked.

"That's what I said" Taylor agreed.

"She needs to eat. She hasn't eaten all day and only had a piece of toast yesterday" Alpha Jack growled.

The rest of the men growled and scowled at that information while the women looked like they were going to cry. Sean set her on the soft bench seat next to Luna Sara and sat on the other side of her.

"We ordered already. We just decided to get a bunch of dishes and share" Ash explained.

Samantha eyed the glass of water in front of her and Sean saw it.

"Go ahead, little one, it's yours" he whispered.

She smiled and quickly drank the whole cup.

"Poor thing. She's dehydrated too" Ash murmured.

"I'll get you another glassful but sip it this time. We don't want you to get sick" Luna Sara said to Samantha.

Samantha nodded and the waitress came over and filled the glass. She sipped the water as Sara directed. Sara grinned at her and hugged her close. Soon the waitress brought plate after plate of food over to the table.

"What would you like to eat, princess?" Alpha Jack asked.

Samantha looked at all the plates, overwhelmed with choices.

"Let's start with something easy so you won't get sick. How about a grilled cheese?" Luna Sara suggested and Samantha nodded.

Mary grabbed the plate with a grilled cheese sandwich on it and added some French fries to it before placing it in front of Samantha.

"Thank you" Samantha said and Mary smiled.

"You're so welcome, baby." Mary replied and Steve grinned at his mate and Samantha.

He loved seeing her with be soft with the girl.

"Try to eat slow so your stomach won't get upset" Sara suggested and Samantha nodded again.

She took little bites of the sandwich.

"This is so yummy!" Samantha exclaimed.

She was soon full and Sean pulled her onto his lap to snuggle as the rest of them finished eating.

Samantha was asleep a few minutes later.

"She's asleep" Sean announced.

"What's the plan for her?" Taylor asked.

"I'm going to report David to the council. I have the feeling that the rest of his pack thought that she was killed with their Luna so the crime is his alone. Hopefully they will be able to find them a new Alpha. With the council's and Luna Sara's permission, I would like to keep her in our pack and raise her as our child. She needs to be trained by another omega so we will need to see if any nearby packs have one that could come and help once in a while. What do you all think?" Alpha Jack finished.

Luna Sara nodded.

"I want her in our pack. I need to keep her safe" Sean said, passionately.

The rest of the table nodded in agreement.

"She would be a great addition to the pack too. An omega that powerful is extremely rare and she would help grow our numbers" Steve pointed out.

Sean and Alpha Jack both growled.

"I'm not saying that we should keep her just for our gain, it's just an added bonus. I seriously doubt that anyone at this table would let her leave us now. Especially after seeing her in this state. It's taking all of my control not to go back to that pack and kill all of them" Steve continued.

"You wouldn't believe what the rest of her looks like. I took pictures in the bathroom for evidence for the council. She doesn't have an inch that isn't bruised. It's terrible" Luna Sara added.

"We should get her checked out by Dr. Daniel when we get back" Mike suggested.

"Let's go then" Tom said.

They got up and paid. Sean carried Samantha to the car and off to a new life.

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Great story. poor Samantha.
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I’m wondering why the alpha and Luna Sara were in the house while everyone else weren’t. And how they knew about Samantha in the house.
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