The Hybrid's War: Book 2
The Hybrid's War: Book 2
Author: Shantae Red
Previously On The Hybrid's Risk: Book 1

I could not control it at all. I just shifted completely, and I think it was because of the deep gash that I gotten from some of my ex- pack members. My screams grew as my bones began to take form of the wolf I have been longing to meet. My wolf was coming and there was no turning back now. I hollered from the waves of pain that came with my bones constantly breaking to make the new form. I dropped on all four and my screams were still the only one that I could hear. I dug my nails deep into the ground, begging for this slow and painful transformation to end. 

 “ Dom!” Janelle shouted, running towards me.

 “ Don’t come near me!” My wolf’s voice shouted with enough bass to push anyone back. 

 “ Seth!” Janelle called our brother’s name, who was just standing there, staring at me.

 “ He’s shifting.” Seth told her.

 “There’s nothing we can do.” Dante said, moving from my side and walking over to Janelle.

More pain hit me as I could feel the transformation begin on my face and I groaned. Nobody said this would be a fun experience, but they could have at least told me how fucking bad that shit felt. I understand that they said it was not a joke, but damn, that was too much for me. I looked up at my mom and her eyes grew wide as she covered her mouth with her hands.

“ Oh my gosh.” I heard her whisper in my head.

“ Mom, is that-?” Seth asked, but stopped.

“ Anubis.” Mom said a name I never heard of after she removed her hands from her mouth.

“ Your father’s wolf.”

As I slowly shifted into my wolf form, I looked towards Triniti, who was still bleeding from my unborn twins trying to force their way out. I wish I could keep them from coming since it wasn’t time yet, but when James pulled that shit, they haven’t been the same ever since. I’m glad my aunt and her husband was here, otherwise Triniti would’ve been done for. 

“ Well, well, well.” Aunt Nancy said, looking up towards me with a smirk.“ Please tell me that’s not who the fuck I think it is?”

“ I think it is.” Mom whispered back to her sister.

The pain eased up a little, but I was greeted with a chuckle from the wolf that was forming inside of me. 

Anubis: Are you ready for me?! You wanted me to show my face for the longest time… Are you ready to see me for the first time, my special grandchild…. Are you ready to destroy the people who hurt you and the mother of your kids? Let’s show them the same hospitality they showed you while you was member of this worthless pack until now!! Let’s show them what you are really capable of with me, your grandfather on your side!

I took a few breaths before I nodded my head as I felt the hairs on my body thicken. I was ready to take this fucking pack down for what they did to me, Triniti and my fucking kids. I already knew who I wanted to go to first. That fucking James. Oh man, did I want his blood dripping from my mouth once again. I was not done finishing him off; I didn’t want that fucker’s body to be seen. He was already down from my bite that I inflicted on him, even though I’m not sure how. A werewolf bite is painful to another werewolf, but the way James laid there, lifeless, I was not so sure anymore. But right now, my focus was eating James and finishing off the rest of McCallan’s pack before taking over the Bayou for good. I leaned down, growling, ready to pounce on the deceased James and the rest of the pack for the final time. However, my body did not respond to what I wanted to do with it. My thoughts were shut down when I heard a chuckle come from my wolf again, that time it was one that sent chill down my spine.

Anubis: Oh no, Dominic….. You don’t have what it takes to tame me…. I go after who I want and I do it when I feel like it. You do not have what it takes to tame a wolf like me…. So, I decided for you who we would like to go after…

Before I could change my wolf’s mind, he had his eyes set on the one person who I would never attack ever and that was my mother. I had no control over that fucking wolf and I was starting to regret ever trying to wake it up if I would’ve known it would end up like this. My mother knew what was coming because I could see the panic in her eyes as she walked back.

“ He can’t control it.” Mom told Seth and Janelle before she turned and ran off.

My wolf howled before it forced me to follow her. My wolf had a mind of its own and I was too weak to have it mind me. I knew that and my wolf knew that as well. That was why it was behaving like this. It did not give a fuck about anybody, but spraying blood. It did not care whose blood it was as long as it was seen through violence. My mother was running as fast as she could, but my wolf was catching up with her one by one. 


“You’re going after the wrong person!” I shouted at my wolf.

It ignored me completely and continued the chase. I could hear footsteps from behind and I already knew it was. It was Dante and Seth. They both ran on each side of me, trying to cut me off by biting at me. That did not stop Anubis at all; it just made him run after my mom a lot faster.

“ You need to tame your wolf!” Seth shouted at me.

“ I can’t, it won’t listen!” I shouted back.

“If you don’t, you’ll kill her!” Dante shouted at me.

“Dude, I just said I can’t! I don’t know how!”

Seth’s wolf growled and rushed ahead of me. As soon as he faced me, my wolf stopped immediately. I could feel the anger rising within my wolf and I knew that Seth’s wolf could feel it. However, nothing scared my brother’s wolf at all. 

Mordecai: Anubis, what are you doing?

I heard Seth’s wolf speak to my wolf within my head. My wolf snorted and began pacing back and forth, glaring at Seth and Dante with hatred in his heart and mind. Dante was ready to fight Anubis with no problems. He got into his pouncing stance and I damn sure did not want to fight him, but Anubis did. Boy, his confidence was too high for me. Anubis looked at Dante’s wolf and snorted, another deep growl escaping his mouth.

Anubis: Don’t you even think about it, Kai. I don’t think you have what it takes to fight me off. Me and you are both with brute strength, but mines is a lot stronger than you think. So, take a step back.

Kai: Oh, I’m waiting for you to do some fuck shit like you always do, Anubis. This is something only you would do. You’re the only wolf I know that stands out.

Anubis looked him up and down and his eyes shifted quickly to Mordecai when he seen him take a step forward. 

Mordecai: You think that you can run wild just because you have finally been released? Then you go after the wrong person? Did you forget who your true enemy was?

Anubis: Mind your business! This has nothing to do with you!

Mordecai: It is my fucking business!

Anubis stopped pacing and he directed his attention to Mordecai like he lost his mind. I was happy somebody was standing their ground with Anubis; he had lost his mind completely and I was mad at myself for being the one to obtain him.

Anubis: Stay in your place, Mordecai! You are an ally, but I won’t hesitate in killing you like an enemy…

Mordecai: You don’t talk to me like that! I won’t stand for it!

Anubis: Remember Mordecai, I am older than you. You don’t have the right to tell me what the fuck to do. 

Kai: That’s the thing, Anubis; you’re a lot older than us. For an Ancient wolf, you sure do think like you’re younger than us.

Anubis: You don’t have nothing to do with this, Kai!

Mordecai: You’d kill a member of your family? For what? Satisfaction and pleasure? You haven’t changed a bit. He’s right, you think like you’re our age.”


“ Dominic!” Seth shouted my name, but I could not respond to him. My wolf form completely taken over me and it was like my body had just given in to him. My wolf completely took over and there was nothing I could do. “Dominic! Snap out of it!”

Anubis: He can’t hear you. His body is mines now.

My wolf was very quick with it. I had hoped for Seth to dodge it, but he failed. My wolf rammed into Seth, causing a bone to snap within Seth. Seth whimpered as he dropped to the ground. He immediately shifted back into his human form and once he did, he gripped the side of his rib and flinched from the pain my wolf inflicted onto him. My wolf walked up to him and before he could do anything drastic to Seth, Dante ran up and bit Anubis, which inflicted pain onto me. Anubis shifted his attention to Kai and they instantly began fighting. Anubis was trying to bite him, but Kai was just as quick as Anubis. He dodged him and clawed at Anubis’ face, causing Anubis to step back.

Anubis: Get out of my way!

Kai: Fuck you!

Anubis charged at Kai but was forced to stop when he was hit with a rock. He turned to see my mother standing there, angrier than ever. Why did you stop running? I asked in my mind as I looked at her through my wolf’s eyes. My wolf chuckled as the attention went back to her. As my wolf walked over to my mother, I could see nothing, but anger on her face.

“ You will not touch him.” She told Anubis. “ You touch him and you will face me! And give me my fucking son back! How dare you take over his body!”


Without thought, Anubis charged at her. I pleaded to myself that my mother would shift and run away as fast as she could. But, that didn’t happen at all. My mother just stood there like she was ready for my wolf to take her life. The thing was, my wolf was ready to do it. Man, he was ready to stick his teeth into her and tear her body into shreds. When he launched at my mother, a powerful force pushed him back. He was hit with something hot. When Anubis slammed into the ground hard as hell, it gave me enough time to try to take back some of my body. Anubis had control over my movements, my mind and my emotions. With the little time I was able to get, I took back 40% of my emotions. I wanted to really get control of my body first, but can’t be picky. Anubis got up as fast he could and looked around, fast as hell.

Oh my gosh, whoever hit Anubis and I, I could feel their aura. Their aura reminded me of the time we had a run in with Grimm, the vampire. However, that shit here was giving me a fucking headache because of how far the aura reached. Anubis had to stay back from it because it was bothering him as well. It was like the closer he was to it, the more the headache pounded. Anubis groaned in pain from the way he was feeling.

You need to tame your wolf, Dominic. The wolf is acting out without a strong leader. You are stronger than you lead on.

“ Why won’t you listen?” I asked Anubis, but he ignored me, looking for the voice he had also heard.

My wolf charged at my mother again, however he stopped when he realized she was not alone. The same figure from before appeared and he was standing in front of my mother. My brain began to pound ferociously, and I hated it with ever ounce. As I looked over at the figure that was standing in front of mother and Anubis was growling with what sounded like irritation. He didn’t like that guy at all and he wanted to kill him, but Anubis couldn’t get around the powerful aura that dude was letting off.

I watched through Anubis as the guy removed his robe from around him and the hoodie and face mask that covered up his face and hair. Instantly, I felt an emotion coming from Anubis that I have never felt ever since I first met him. He always had anger in him, hatred even. But, this right here that I was feeling was not normal. Whoever this guy was, had Anubis spooked; he feared him and I could see why.

Anubis: You! Because of you, she betrayed her grandfather!

The person in front of us smiled, showing off his pearly white fangs. Immediate fear took over when he recognized this guy.

“ Tame him.” The guy told me.

Anubis: He can’t tame me! Who the fuck do you think you are?!

Instantly, a heap of rage poured into me from Anubis. The guy shook his head and sighed before he got into his fighting stance. When he looked at me, his eyes glowed a bloody red while his hands collected a flaming substance in his hand. As my wolf launched at the guy, I knew this was the craziest thing Anubis could think of. He acted without even thinking and because of that, we both was going to get injured behind it. And I was right.

The guy’s right hand that held the weird magic ball that was packed with fire was slammed into me and my wolf. My wolf and I groaned in pain, but it looked like my wolf was not ready to give up yet. I turned my attention to the person that had me in his grasp. He smirked at me again, fangs flashing before my eyes.

Anubis: Move out of my way! This between me and her! Not you…

The man’s smile just stayed on his face and the next thing he said, my wolf took it heavy.

“ Looks like I’m going to have to force this wolf back into its cage.” He told us and his eyes glowed once more…..

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