The Hybrid's War: Book 2

The Hybrid's War: Book 2

By:  Shantae Red  Completed
Language: English
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More drama comes for Dominic and Triniti in this sequel. After getting rid of James, Dominic now has another enemy and it' someone far dangerous than Mr. Calligan alone. It's Triniti's father who is a legendary hunter. Having to leave Triniti, his twins and his pack behind, Dominic joins his father in Shreveport where he can tap into his vampire side before the hunter arrives. However, the hunter has many things planned out.... One of them is eliminating Dominic and Triniti altogether....

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Previously On The Hybrid's Risk: Book 1
I could not control it at all. I just shifted completely, and I think it was because of the deep gash that I gotten from some of my ex- pack members. My screams grew as my bones began to take form of the wolf I have been longing to meet. My wolf was coming and there was no turning back now. I hollered from the waves of pain that came with my bones constantly breaking to make the new form. I dropped on all four and my screams were still the only one that I could hear. I dug my nails deep into the ground, begging for this slow and painful transformation to end.  “ Dom!” Janelle shouted, running towards me. “ Don’t come near me!” My wolf’s voice shouted with enough bass to push anyone back.  “ Seth!” Janelle called our brother’s name, who was just standing there, staring at me.
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Eric Moore
Are you sure?” My blood boiled as I sat on the phone with Jamal from the New Orleans Police Department.“Positive,” Jamal said. “I overheard Ramirez talking about it to one of the officers here.”I sighed as I held the phone close to my ears, irritated with the news I just got about Triniti. I could not believe she was pregnant by a fucking Greyson. She knew better than to fuck with one, but she disobeyed my warning.“What do you want to do?”I wanted to go to New Orleans and rip that son of a bitch’s head off. However, I could not go up there, showing my ass. I mean, I have not been up there for a long time and I’m pretty sure there was a top dog in my place as the best hunter in New Orleans.“I’ll figure it out,” I told him. “Thanks, man.”I hung up the phone and tossed it across the room. This news was something I was hoping to avoid. Without me there, the
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 My body slammed against the tree as hard as it could. Blood sprayed from my mouth and I swear a bone had cracked. “Stop it, Jace!” I heard my mom shout at that son of a bitch. “You’re going to kill him!”How did she know this fucking bastard? As I got back up, I realized that I was able to control a little bit of movements once more, but Anubis was still around. Boy, was he heated from the powerful force this guy had used against us.“Tame.” Jace said again, ignoring my mother’s pleading request.   Anubis’ whimpers filled my head and I could not have felt worse for my wolf.“I need to tame you.” I told him in my mind.Anubis: Never…. I will never let you tame me….Anubis, who was still in control of some of my movements, forced me to charge at Jace. “You just don
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“How is she?” I asked as soon as Seth and I got into our mother’s house. “I seen Dominic speed out of here.”“She needs a blood transfusion,” Mason told me. “Dominic and Aunt Nancy should have left to go get some blood from work.”“That’s probably why he left like that,” Seth stated, then looked around. “Where are the twins?”“In the room in the back,” Mason said. “I wanted them in a warm place of the house since we don’t have any blankets.”“Damn, Trinity bought things for them.” I sighed.“It’s back at the bar, isn’t it?” Seth asked.I looked at him and nodded. He sighed before he walked to the back of the house. I stood by Trinity’s body and looked her over. She was not looking so good. Her dress was cut in the middle where her stomach was, and blood stained her flowery dress. Out of a
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“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Janelle shouted. “He has kids now and you’re trying to take him away from them?!”“Janelle….” Aunt Nancy called my sister’s name, trying to calm her down.“No, Aunt Nancy.” Janelle told her. “He just comes out of the blue and just snaps his fingers whenever he wants. I’m sorry, but that’s not happening here.”I turned to Dominic, who was just quiet the whole time. I looked over at our mother, who avoided everybody’s eyes at the moment. I wonder if she knew about this?“I take it you knew about this?” I asked her.She turned her eyes over to me and sighed. Janelle huffed and walked off. Just like the rest of us, she was tired of my mother at that moment. I was happy Janelle and I did not stay with her anymore.“This was a plan your mother and I made before we parted ways.” Jace told Dominic.
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The pack members ended up leaving, but I was not ready for this night to end. The blood moon was still out, but it was not as dark red as it was before. I wanted to drink and since Janelle went to the bar, I decided that I would head that way as well.           “Damn,” I sighed, realizing my car was still at the entrance of the Bayou.           I sighed and begun walking to where my car was, avoiding the swamp water as I walked. My pants were wet already from rushing to stop Dominic from destroying his mother. That shit was crazy. I pushed through the bushes, getting closer to my SUV. I sighed, thinking about the shit that went down today. My mind went back to Dominic as well. He needs to learn how to control that wolf if he wanted to be with us.            That wolf, though. He brought out a bad vib
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It was a long ride, but Nicole finally got us to Shreveport. She parked the car and we all got out. Dominic stared at the House of Blood like he had not seen a huge mansion a day of his life. Nicole chuckled before she walked ahead of us. I stood next to Dominic and put my arm around him.“I take it you never seen a big mansion before?” I asked him.“I wasn’t expecting you guys staying here.” He said. “It looks so…”“Normal?”He glanced at me and nodded his head. Wolves and vampires think different once it comes to living arrangements. Wolves prefer an open field for them to run around in and us vampires prefer to live like celebrities. A big ass beige-color mansion with over thirty tinted windows, inside of a black gate that electrocutes anybody that comes up to it without our permission. I pulled Dominic along, towards the mansion.“Nervous?” I asked him.“Shoul
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I woke up, nice and relaxed from last night. I could not believe Seth and I hooked up last night. Sometimes, I thought it was a dream, but smelling his amazing scent on my sheets let me know that it was the truth. It really happened. As I slowly got out of bed, the wonderful smell of breakfast filled my nose. My mouth watered and my stomach growled as I got dressed. I threw on a blank white tank top with no bra and some denim shorts. Once I finished eating breakfast, I was going to hop in the shower and go to work.I proceeded out the room, ready to eat. I strolled to the kitchen and seen Kilan and Seth eating already. Kilan’s eyes glistened when he looked up at me with love. He got down from the chair and ran to me, squealing with excitement. I picked him up before turning my eyes to Seth.“I have to go to the pack today,” Seth said as he finished his last bit of food of his plate. “Will you be okay with him?”I tilted my head and
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Eric Moore
Today was not a good day at all for me. I was getting calls from New Orleans from the family about how the treaty was broken because of the shit between Trinity and Dominic. I tried to call Trinity’s phone, but it went straight to voicemail. That shit had me worried completely. Finding out that my daughter had a kid with one of these fucking wolves, bothered me. I knew I should have told her about them before she left.“Dad?” Ember called my name.I was in my home office today, so I was home with the family. I turned around and glanced over at Ember, who was still in her PJs.“Good morning, honey.” I said to her.“Good morning.” She said. “Mom wanted me to come get you to let you know that breakfast is done.”“I’ll be there in a few.”She nodded and walked off. I sighed and got up from my chair, stretching before I proceeded out the office. My phone rang in my pocket as
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A week had not went by yet and I was getting worked. Jace was on my back every second for these past couple of day. But, it did not stop there. Today, Jace and I were in a room way in the back of the mansion. Whatever we was doing, I could not focus on it. I was already missing my family, Triniti and the kids included. I wonder how the babies were doing?“Clear your mind.” I heard Jace tell me from behind. “You won’t get anywhere with a clouded head.”“I can’t stop thinking about them.” I told him.“You’ll be able to see them soon. Now, get this done.”I nodded my head and closed my eyes. I needed to look past Anubis. I needed to look deeper.“How can I call him if I don’t know him by name?” I asked my father.“He’ll tell you. Don’t worry about the name, though. You need to find him.”I heard shuffling and my eyes snapped open.
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