Chapter 55

Elle sat at her table and stared at the laptop, “A romance novel, eh?” She heaved a sigh shaking her head, “What the point it was all cliche, he ate my ears complaining how bad it was.” She pouted sulkily.

She opened the laptop regardless and placed her fingers on the keyboard, she closed her eyes and took a deep sigh, “Fine, let’s give it a go,” She nodded determinedly.

With the start of the novel, her fingers moved in a flow, the words went in a flow, she spent her day and night in front of the laptop, 3 weeks later, her book was done, she wiped her tears as she stared at her completed manuscript.

“Whoa!” Tasha yelled from behind, “What the hell have you been doing?” She blinked at the condition of the room, there were stacks of cup noodles at the side, there were tissues scattered on the floor, her best friend looked like a zombie with the dark bags under her eyes.

“I’m done,” Elle hit her head on the table. “What?” Tasha cocked her head to the side, “I'm done with my new book,”
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