Fall in love inside a novel!

Fall in love inside a novel!

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We love reading novels, fall in love with the characters, sometimes envy the main girl for getting the perfect male lead... but what happens when you get inside your own novel and get to meet your perfect main lead and bonus...get treated like the female lead?! As the clock struck 12, Arielle Taylor is pulled inside her own novel. This cinderella is over the moon as her Prince Charming showers her with his attention but what would happen when she finds herself falling for her fairy godmother instead? Please read my interview with Goodnovel at: https://tinyurl.com/y5zb3tug Cover pic: pixabay

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Chapter 1
"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way...." Christmas was right around the corner and the city was filled with snow, decorated by lights and Christmas carol masked the street noise. On her way home, Arielle spotted a small shop at the end of the alley, "hmm was this shop always here?" She stared at the shop for a moment. She always walked through the street, it was her way home which she knew by heart but it was strange that she didn't notice the shop here before, she thought.
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Chapter 2
When Arielle opened her eyes, she was standing in front of a book shop."Where the hell am I? How did I reach here?" She frowned at the unknown surroundings. "I was inside my room, I was writing the new chap and then I fell asleep." She tried to recollect, she noticed that she was still in her sweatpants and the jumper she wore last night. "Where the heck is this place? How did I even reach here?" She looked around her surroundings. She turned around to see a port
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Chapter 3
"Wait! No! I mean..." She shook her head in denial when she heard the weirdest thing. She ran outside the gate and looked at the company logo, 'RC'   "You must be kidding me!" No, no, this ain't possible. It's just too absurd! How? Why? She paced back and forth. But... all the incidents ran through her mind, a locality she didn't recognize, clothes she didn't buy, her cards being rejected, the single-storied convenience store, encountering Reece Brown, her office had RC logo... O wait! This must be a dream, yes I must be dreaming, the last thing I remember, I was in my room and then I fell asleep, yes that's it, I am dreaming. She pinched herself to the point it hurt and she almost bled. "Why is it not working?" She panicked.&
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Chapter 4
 "Oh my god! I can't believe it!!" She laughed and danced around happily."Oh good for you, Iva, or whatever your name is...please leave." He looked scared and he wanted her out, it was final, she was a weirdo and he didn't want to have anything to do with her. "My name is not Iva... or maybe it is." She giggled. "Aaaaa!" She shouted excitedly.Sound of something grumbling interrupted her happy dance, it grumbled again, her stomach, "Ah! I'm so hungry!" She sighed
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Chapter 5
As expected her interviews didn't go well, "Why didn't I get the job? Because I'm going to get it at RC." She sighed. "And when will that be?"..."I don't know. Why can't you hire me sooner?" She complained looking at Reece's picture on her laptop. "Forget about hiring they haven't even announced the vacancy yet, Can't the story go a Lil' faster? Like when I open my eyes I've already gotten the job?" She rolled her eyes, she then looked at her wallet on the side, "I'm running out of money!" She hung her head. "No, lift your spirit, Elle. At this rate you'll starve to death before starting your story with Reece, no, no, you can't let that happen. Let's look for a part-time for the time being." She patted her shoulder. "Let's go
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Chapter 6
Arielle was cleaning the floor humming to herself, "There," Her pricky boss pointed from his chair. "Where?" She looked around if she missed a spot. "At the corner." He pointed. She rolled her eyes, "I know, I'm getting there first let me finish this area?" "You're slow, at this rate you won't be able to finish by the openi
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Chapter 7
"Why? She?What the hell?"  Her eyes widened as she witnessed an unimaginable thing, "Wait! Why am I... Why're there two me?" She blinked. As far as she remembered, she didn't have a twin sister then who was the girl at her desk? "Am I hallucinating?" She rubbed her eyes to see again, just then someone tapped on her shoulder, she yelped. She then turned to see a girl trying to get her attention, "Are you okay?" The girl asked with concern, her Id card hung down her neck, displaying her name, 'Susanne Cruz'"I don't know," she shook her head, "Oh wait, do you see me there? Am I sitting there?" A
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Chapter 8
Arielle shut the door immediately when she spotted the girl who was a mirror image of hers, “What the hell?” Her brain tried to process the entire information, “She’s Iva? There’s a real Iva?” She panicked.  She then heard the girl mutter, “Someone’s there,” “Let me check,” She heard the guy speak.“Wait, Joe, it’s dangerous, let’s call the police,” Iva suggested.
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Chapter 9
After few hours of drive, they reached the place, Reece got out walked to the other side and opened the door for her offering his hand, she held the offered hand and gently got out of the car minding her dress. "where?" She muttered as her eyes focused on the dazzling view of the hotel."Let's go," he gave her hand a gentle squeeze as they climbed the stairs.They moved further inside, entering a hall. Her breath hitched and she was suddenly very nervous as all eyes focused on them, remember when the female characters in the novels used to feel very uncomfortable and out of place at those high-class ball
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Chapter 10
"Got the reality check, Elle?" She sighed as she looked at the flat upstairs. She then made her way down the road carrying her heels in her hands, she walked barefoot, "Do I have to sleep on the streets now?" She sighed as she hung her head. After a few minutes of self discussion, she made her mind and then walked to the bookstore, "Who cares if he'd get angry? Who cares? this is the world I created, me Arielle, the damn author, everything in this world is basically mine, so is his bookstore." She nodded. "As long as I d
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