Opposite Attracts
Opposite Attracts
Author: YnahRivera
Chapter 1


"Ms. Glaiza wake up" someone tried to wake me up

Who's that?

"Ms. Glaiza you need to go to school."

I snapped my eyes open. Shit! I forgot about school!

"Who told you to enter my room?" I asked the maid who tried to wake me up

I sat up and looked at her directly in the eyes.

She avoided my gaze and bowed her head "I..."

"I'm the one who allowed her." Mom cut her off

I groaned "mom! How many times do I  have to tell you not to let anyone enter my room?"

She instructed the maid to go out and sat next to me.

"And how many times I told you that being late is bad" she patted my head

"Yeah mom, whatever!" I playfully rolled my eyes

She chuckled and stood up "get your ass off there princess. I'll drive you to school."

I got up "yes mother."

Mom got out of my room.

I and mom really get along, unlike dad. Dad was kinda off when it comes to me. I don't know why. He's sweet when it comes to my brother. I think maybe I'm adopted. Who knows? 

I did my usual routine. I walked to my walk-in closet and decided to wear a red above knee length fitted dress and black stilettos that complimented my long and sexy legs. I applied light make up and of course my killer red lipstick.

I run downstairs "mom?" I called

"Dining area princess" mom called back

I greeted them good morning and kissed their cheeks. I sat next to my brother.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to shout?" Dad scolded me

Wow! Good way to ruin my day dad!

"Sorry dad." I said

"Princess, eat your breakfast. You don't want to be late, right?" Mom smiled at me

I smiled back "yes mom. Thank you."

After breakfast, as mom said, she drove me to school.

I didn't dare to speak along the ride, mom knew that I was not in the mood, after dad scolded me.

I kissed mom's cheek before I got out of the car.

"I'll send the driver to drive you home later, okay?" Mom said

"Yes mom, thank you." 

Then she drove away.

As I walked through the hallway, the students gave way to me, I smirked. 

My best friend barbie approached me.

"Hey bitch!" She said

We walked together side by side to our first class.

"Don't start with me bie, I'm not in a good mood." I warned her

"Wow! Your dad pissed you off this early?" 

She really know me.

I nodded "He always have his ways to ruin my day."

She patted my shoulder "Don't mind him. Let's just enjoy this fucking day."


"Good Morning Class. I'm Rose Last your English and homeroom teacher"

Wow! She's hot.

"Since I'm new here, can you introduce yourselves?" Ms. Last continued

One by one they started to introduce themselves. 

"Rielle Jones, Volleyball captain, 18 years old. You can just call me Riri." Rielle cheerfully introduced herself

Pssh! Why does she have to be so jolly and friendly to everyone? No, I don't hate her okay? It's just pissing me off when she's smiling at me, when in fact no one in this school can do that! Well except her. You see I'm the Ice Queen here. No one can make eye contact with me, and again except her. You know what's pissing me more off? She has this effect on me, she can make me blushed, I know that's bull but it's true. She can wake millions of butterflies inside my stomach. Bullshit right? But I have a question.... Why? 

Barbie nudged my side "hey! It's your turn" she whispered

I stood up and cleared my throat "Glaiza Burrows, 18 years old." I was about to sit down when Ms. Last asked

"Tell us about yourself Ms. Burrows." Ms. Last demanded

I roamed my sight around the room, I saw Rielle waiting for my answer. Don't act like you're interested Jones! 

I sighed and stood up properly "Well... What can I say? Yeah, I'm the Ice queen here, everyone knows that" I said coldly

Ms. Last nodded "Okay, You can take your seat now."

"Thanks Ms."

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