Chapter 2

Quinn and Jiya decide to accompany Jenea for a week before they go back to Seoul.

"Let's wander around tomorrow, I want to visit some of the tourist spots here in Busan." Quinn said to her two friends who are laying down on Jenea's new bed

"Do you want to get lost? We don't know anything about Busan." Jiya said

"Let's ask Dylan or Dave to tour us." Quinn suggested she's sitting on the sofa, looking at the pictures in her phone they took while traveling to Busan "That two seem to be fun with."

"Or Liesel!" Jiya added "I want to be close to her."

"You want to be close with that monkey?" Jenea looked at Jiya in annoyance

"She seems nice." Jiya shrugged

"She's far from being nice." Jenea disagreed

"Just because you accidentally bumped into her that day you're going to hate your future sister-in-law?" Jiya asked

"Or future wife." Quinn added with a teasing tone

"Haha." Jenea glared at Quinn "I have this feeling that Liesel and I will never get along."

"Feelings change." Jiya said nonchalantly

"I can't disagree with that." Quinn agreed to Jiya "Give the beautiful lady a chance."


Jenea and her friends are busy talking about everything when a maid knocks on Jenea's bedroom door.

"Excuse me, ma'am, Monsieur wished you to go to the dining area for dinner."

"We'll be there in a few." Jenea politely said

"I wish they cooked something like chicken." Jiya wished while they are walking downstairs

"You better stop your chicken obsession, Ji." Quinn said "It's getting worse everyday."

Jenea laughed "I won't be surprised if Jiya will wake up one day with wings and beak of a chicken."

Quinn laughed with Jenea, mocking their poor friend with chicken obsession.

The three reached the dining room, everyone was there.

"Have a seat, ladies. We're all waiting for you." Enrique said to them

The three took their seat next to each other.

"Damn." Jiya whispered, looking at the roasted chicken

Everyone ate in silence, enjoying and savoring the food served for them. Jenea then observed that someone is missing, Liesel wasn't there.

"You're looking for Liesel?" Dave noticed Jenea "She's sleeping."

"I'm not really, I realized that someone is missing." Jenea slightly smiled, she glanced at Lucas who have a discomfort facial expression when he heard Liesel's name

Silence again until Enrique spoke.

"Jenea, since you resigned from your work in Seoul I was thinking if you want to work in our ranch? I've been looking for someone to look after our ranch for months now, my good for nothing son doesn't want to manage it."

Jenea looked at her friends, mentally asking for their opinion but the two just shrugged.

"That's a big responsibility, I don't think I can manage your.."

"Come on, Jenea. Don't you think your dad is not telling me how good you are as a student?"

"Of course dad will tell you about that, I'm a model, I graduated Business Administration but I haven't really had a job relating to.."

"Cut your excuses." Enrique chuckled "Your father is right, you're still afraid of responsibilities. Don't worry, Liesel will be there to guide you."

"Wait, Liesel? I thought she'd go back to Paris?" Dylan asked

"That will be your job, Dave and Dylan, convince your sister to stay."



"Can you bear and endure knowing that your two poor little brothers are suffering because father will take their cars if you didn't stay?" Dylan used his puppy eyes

"That won't work this time, Dyl. I have loads of work there. I cannot just leave my work just to supervise a model." Liesel closed the book she's reading

Dave snatched the book from his sister, he brought his face close to Liesel's "Soeur, you did your research? How did you know that she's a model?"

"Shut up, Dave." She shoved Dave's face away "Can you two leave my room now?"

Dylan is sitting in front of his sister's vanity mirror, wondering what are those things on the table.

"Do you have a crush on her?" Dylan smirked, not looking at Liesel but still looking at the makeup and facial creams

"Excuse me?" Liesel looked at their youngest in disbelief

Dave laughed while looking at the pages of Liesel's book "Just admit it, Soeur. If you have a crush on our guest we will back out. We'll give way to you."

Liesel groaned, pulling her hair in stress to her twins "Can you two just stop?"

"We will if you give what we want." Dave added "Right, Dyl?"

"Yup." Dylan joined the two on Liesel's bed "Stay and help Jenea in the ranch."

"No." Liesel still refused

Dylan smirked, an idea crossed his mind.

"Is it because you have a crush on Jenea? Are you afraid that you will fall for her?" Dylan secretly winked at Dave, saying to ride his act

"No, Dyl and stop sending signals to Dave because I know all your tricks now. Nothing will work." She snatched her book from Dave's hand and rested her back against the headboard "If you have nothing to say anymore, you can walk out of my room now and don't forget to close the door."

The two sighed, they already accepted the fact that their precious cars will be taken away from them.

"Those two." Liesel slowly shook her head while looking at the door where her twins exited.

She took her phone from the side table and dialed her secretary's number.

"I will send my cousin there to take over my position while I am here in Korea. I just need to take care of some business here."

"Copy that, mademoiselle (miss) but can I know when you will come back in case the board of members will ask?"

"I can't tell for now, I will send them my formal email to them regarding my vacation here. I will send your number to my cousin so that you can fetch her in the airport."

After her call with her secretary, she immediately dialed Mina's number.

"The great Lalisa Song is calling me, let me guess, another favor from my favorite cousin?"

Liesel laughed at how her cousin really knows her "Can you take over my position while I am here in Korea? You are the only person who I can trust my position to."

"For how many months? Please don't make it too long because my father will train me in less than six months before I take over our company. I can't believe that he still thinks that I can't run our company."

"Six months is good. It won't take long. Thank you so much. I will send the number of my secretary so that someone will fetch you from the airport."

"Okay but can I ask why you decided to stay there longer? I thought you can't stand seeing Lucas?"

Liesel tightly closed her eyes. Remembering how her own brother betrayed her, but deep down in her mind she knew that there is a certain brunette who made her stay.

"My two other twins need me, you know I can't say no to them. Besides, me and Lucas are still not in the speaking terms, as long as he's not bothering me I won't have a problem."

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