Moving closer

I woke up very happy today different from other days

After I took a bath, I quickly ran down to the kitchen to cook and prepare foods for the two of us

I heard a voice coming from the master's room, as I looked back I saw Joash yawning and rubbing his tummy

"Good morning," I said and waved

" Aww your preparing foods, here let me give you a hand" he offered a hand to help me

He was slicing the meat when he asked me a question

" Jordan, what happened last night?" He suddenly asked me and smirked

"Huh?, nothing," I answered, I tried my best not to look obvious, I need to help him forget everything that had happened yesterday. 

My face is burning and I can feel that it is turning red so I quickly looked on the other side

"Are you sure? Why are you trembling?" He added

" Can you hand me the radish?" He sai

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