You Deserve

You Deserve

By:  Nite Lucent  Completed
Language: English
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Ethan Francis is a professional photographer. He is good looking, tall, sharp-featured, well built, the balanced weight, and intelligent. He was the man, any woman would say yes to. And also the man, for all the wannabe models and the supermodels to be. Arthur Perry is the managing director of his father’s construction company. He is soon to be CEO. He is smart, talented, handsome, and respectful. He has a beautiful wife, Emily Watt, and a lovely daughter, Amity Perry. He has the perfect family. Or that is what his father defined as perfect for him.When the college sweethearts meet after years in an inevitable situation, they find themselves second-guessing their life choices.Read the complete story to know about their choices.

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37 Chapters
Sun gradually rose out to bring brightness, which also woke up and brought some aspirants outside their cozy homes. One could see the early risers walk and jog happily, enjoying the hypnotic view of the early morning city with warm sunlight in New York City.One of the tallest buildings in the city held the name MIXTURE. It was a photo studio. Inside the building was the light and dark props, models posing behind a desired theme in the background.A loud shatter caught everyone’s attention. Liza, the in charge of the studio, turned to the photographer and tells him to continue with the shoot. She immediately walks to the dressing room of the studio where the sound came from.Liza entered the room and looked around only to spot the glass pieces spread out on the floor. She left out a small sigh and turned t
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Arthur woke up to a radio playing in the living room and breakfast smell reeking from the kitchen. It was Saturday and he had slept in a little late.He got freshened up and made his way out of the bedroom.“Dad!” screamed his little girl, dropping the puzzle pieces she was holding onto.“Good morning, baby,” he cooed and kissed her
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The party was crowded by all the elite status people of the country. Ethan had not expected anything less from Vanessa’s parents. They were born rich people. Thanks to their ancestors, the last three generation kids were born and brought equal to the royals.Ethan entered the party with a huge sigh. He enjoyed partying, just not with old men. Ethan was well dressed in a black suit, which is not his ideal wear for a party. He was greeted by a few businessmen as soon as he entered the party. He returned the greetings with utmost politeness. He walked around the place for a few moments, trying to spot any well-known face. That was when he noticed Liza in the back, she was talking with some ladies.
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“So this is the plan we have come up with for the construction of the museum.” The employee turned towards the board members after he completed the presentation.It was a very important construction for the government and the SkyLine infrastructures were bidding for it. They weren’t ready to lose this bid. They had a big name in the construction field and were never ready to lose to anyone, although having disputes within the board members for the next CEO.The old men in the meeting were convinced
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After the party, Ethan had dropped off Liza to her home and headed towards his place. He lived alone in a high end penthouse in the center of the city.He quickly changed his clothes and got fresh. And settled in front of his laptop.He opened his personal email, he hadn’t checked it in a while and there was one heck of emails for him from friends and extended family.One email caught his attention. It was from an old friend from college, Jake. Jake McCarthy. They w
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Arthur was in his office at home after they reached home and he got changed into sweatpants and a loose t-shirt.He had helped Emily to tuck in Amity to bed. His little girl had fallen asleep in her car seat on the way to home. Who to be blamed, when she tired herself from running around her grandparents’ place and talk so much!He had some office files to look at. He had his desktop on and browsed through his not so active social media and checked emails.Then the name caught his eyes. Jake McCarthy.
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Ethan wasn’t on the best of terms with Vanessa yet. But it wasn’t worst either. After the lunch with her at her place, he had maintained a fair distance from her only so he wouldn’t discomfort her in any way.Ethan was still in his deep slumber when his phone rang loud. It made him groan. Waking up to someone’s phone call wasn’t an ideal morning for him. Except for his mother’s phone call. He hoped it to be his mom or else there was going to be some kind of attitude in his voice.He rolled over to the other side of the bed and grabbed his phone.
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After dinner last night, Ethan had crashed at his parents’ place. It’s not like he had to worry about clothes and stuff. It was the heavy traffic in the city that worried him. Driving on his own was a bad idea. He wouldn’t even be able to sit freely and do his stuff. He should have his eyes and hands and legs working along the way back home or to the studio.He drove into the city and passed the bridge and drove through a busy long street, but he felt like the route to his office had got farther.He checked his phone to see if he had any phone calls or messages. But to increase driving boredom, his phone was dead.
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Arthur sighed, leaning onto the couch.“Amy, we are going shopping not new York fashion week,” he screamed loudly.His daughter has been taking more than an hour to pick clothes to wear to go for shopping. She wanted to buy a new dress for the wedding. She wanted to look prettier than the bride. And Arthur had accidentally become her chauffeur and assistant for the day, to shop and pack her things for the weekend wedding. And his daughter was driving him crazy even before the shopping began.
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The flight to Bonnet Island Estate was still 50 minutes away from taking off. Arthur and his little family were in the waiting lounge for the first class passengers.Emily was seated on the couch, having a cup of coffee, and reading a magazine. Arthur was right next to her, with Amity sleeping, leaning onto his chest.The little princess had dozed off to sleep as soon as she was showered and dressed. Her parents realized that early morning flights are definitely not her thing.
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