Chapter 3

Jules hated Saturdays. 

It used to be his favourite day of the week. No school, no teachers, he got to watch anime, play games without his mom giving him the stink eye, heck he loved being home with his family. Saturdays were the best.

Then his family broke.

Then he broke.

Saturdays were the worst. The house was so quiet he could hear everything...and that included the noises coming from downstairs.

Was it a thief? Had Jared the mailman, finally made good on his threat of coming to rob him if he didn't start locking his door?

Jules mulled it over in his head as he stared at the darkness. He didn't want to leave his room, leave his bed.

He listened harder. How far would they go? What would they take? Even as he thought it over he didn't care as long as they didn't come to his room he didn't care. They could rob him clean if they liked. He'll just send the bill to Rainbow, his father's secretary. 

He closed his eyes and tried to sink back into his daydream but it was harder than he thought it would be. The ruckus the thief was making was inexcusable, didn't they know the meaning of stealth? Who even robbed a house this early?

As soon as that popped into his head his eyes flew open. Could it be his dad? It had been almost six months since they last saw each other. He balled his fist, hating himself for hoping. He slid out of bed, picking the baseball bat from the corner he exited his room following the noises all the way to the kitchen. He convinced himself he'd prefer the thief— a bullet didn't seem so bad.  

But on finally reaching the source of the ruckus—the kitchen, the one rummaging through his cupboards was neither a thief or his father.

It was Venus Chambers. 


She was barely dressed, wearing just a flimsy white shirt-dress that stopped mid thigh. When she turned to face him he noticed she wasn't wearing a bra almost immediately but forced his eyes to her face. She was mid-chew when she turned around but she smiled, with teeth and Jules had to hold on to the edge of the island for support.

He reminded himself that she broke in, that she was stealing his food, but, but—

It didn't matter. It was Venus.

And she was devastatingly beautiful today, even with her smeared lipstick, her runny mascara and red nose she was still so beautiful it made his heart hurt. His head hurt.

"You really shouldn't leave your door unlocked, not only is it unsafe it's just downright careless. Anything can just waltz right in."

Just like you're doing?

"Are you going to just stand there?" She turned away, opening the fridge. "Sit down, I'll make you breakfast."

His head really hurt, now. "

Wasn't it supposed to be the reverse, it was his house, she was the guest. It didn't matter. It was Venus. He had already taken a seat on his stool when she turned around to drop a bowl of cereal in front of him. "You really need to go shopping. Everything in there is either expired or just unhealthy."

Jules picked up his spoon taking a spoonful of Frosted Flakes. "Why are you even here? Don't act like my mother." He muttered softly.

Icy blues swiveled to meet his eyes. "Sorry, I didn't catch that do you mind repeating it?"

He lowered his gaze to his bowl. "Nothing."

She nodded almost as if she was saying I thought as much.

He wanted to take it back immediately but she had turned away again and he lost his nerve. As Jules scooped the cereal into his mouth he tried to organise his thoughts, which should actually see the light and what shall remain in the abyss of his cranium?

Why are you here?

Why are you feeding me? Why am I letting you?

How do you know where I live?

Why. Are. You. Here

Is my heart suppose to act this way or am I having a heart attack?

When he finished his food his thoughts were still all over the place. Venus took away his bowl dropped it in the sink he watched as she washed it wearily.

"Go change. We are going out."

"Excuse me?"

"You want to know what my story is, right? I'll tell you."

"I'll be down in a minute."

You sound too desperate bro, his subconscious chimed. It didn't matter because he was way past caring.


Jules didn't figure out how early it was until he was seated in the driver's seat glaring at his dashboard.

"It's 6:25! Why are you awake? Why am I awake?!"

She laughed. "This is the best time. People are beginning to wake from their dreams.

Woah. Woah. Woah.

He wanted to record her laugh and make it his ringtone, better yet make it his reason to live-tone.

He couldn't breathe, literally, his breath got stuck in his throat and he started making really ugly unattractive noises while his eyes watered. Venus reached for him softly rubbing his back. "Are you asthmatic? I didn't know that."

She said it like she already knew him.

"I'm not." He gripped the steering wheel harder. "I'm fine."

"You can park behind that dumpster."

He followed her instructions with clenched teeth. I don't want to park behind some dumpster.

They were in front of an abandoned field. It was the old field where they used to play Home games, the last time he came here his hand was under some girl's skirt. Venus was holding that hand.

She led him to the middle of the field and spread the blanket on the ground while Jules pulled off his jacket and hung it around her shoulders when they laid down their shoulders touched.

It was all he could think about as he listened to her heavy breathing. Was she nervous? After driving all the way here, where had her confidence gone? The know it all persona was gone replaced with vulnerability and it was refreshing.

After a few minutes, however, she had gathered her courage as well as an intake of air. "I can read minds."


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