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“If you are at the bottom, I won't mind sinking. “ Jules Carson, a depressed washed up jock, thought he had given up on the whole concept of life, love, and trust, after a summer of regrets and heartache. All he wants to do is graduate and leave town along with all its memories. But then he meets abstruse and mysterious Venus Chambers. The girl he can't quite wrap his head around and the breath of life he's been searching for. She's the smartest, rudest and angriest person he's ever met but despite all the warnings, he can't withstand the irresistible pull of her deep waters.

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52 Chapters
Chapter 1
  Jules was a having bad day.He had stayed up all night binge-watching the last thirteen episodes of Attack on Titans. So he was asleep for the majority of his Math test. He submitted his sheet, already assured of his big fat F, and if that wasn't bad enough— he lost his phone. He hadn't noticed when the bulge in his pocket disappeared until just before lunch when he attempted to pull it out and check the time. Safe to say, his heart accelerated before flatlining.That was his second phone this month. His dad was going to kill him. Yeah, right. He scoffed internally.All he wanted was to eat his tuna in peace and go home. It turned out he couldn't even do that. Why? It was because someone was sitting on his table. The cafeteria was, thankfully, still empty, so he took five strides to reach his table. He immediately realized it was a girl. Her back was turned to him, but he could see her sle
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Chapter 2
 Jules was wide awake.He pulled an all-nighter just like last night, rewatching his favorite scenes from Attack on Titans.He was in his Math class just like yesterday, but this time he was wide awake. Why?Venus Chambers.She was three rows beside him, with her legs on her table and her chair tilting back. Mrs. Rinehart was talking but her words washed over him like water. Why?Venus Chambers.She was three rows beside him, three different bodies blocked her from him but he could still see her. Hear her."Petunia?" Venus was speaking. Even though he wasn't looking, he knew. Even though she had only just said two words to him the other day, the second she spoke he knew it was her.Her voice wasn't loud but the class immediately shushed."Who's Petunia?"Jules heard from behind him. Then, absentmindedly, he thought to himself, who was Petunia?"Yes, V
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Chapter 3
 Jules hated Saturdays. It used to be his favourite day of the week. No school, no teachers, he got to watch anime, play games without his mom giving him the stink eye, heck he loved being home with his family. Saturdays were the best.Then his family broke.Then he broke.Saturdays were the worst. The house was so quiet he could hear everything...and that included the noises coming from downstairs.Was it a thief? Had Jared the mailman, finally made good on his threat of coming to rob him if he didn't start locking his door?Jules mulled it over in his head as he stared at the darkness. He didn't want to leave his room, leave his bed.He listened harder. How far would they go? What would they take? Even as he thought it over he didn't care as long as they didn't come to his room he didn't care. They could rob him clean if they liked. He'll just send the bill to
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Chapter 4
 Wait, what?It had been a long time since he had been the butt of a joke, but it still stung. Damn, it stung really bad. He sat up abruptly, angry, sad, fucking heartbroken—Warm small hands were pulling him back down.I don't want to fall Venus. Fuck, please don't make me fall.He let her pull him back down. "You don't believe me. That's okay, I'll prove it.""Mrs. Johnson," she began. "Your neighbor, full name Karen Paulina Johnson, age 53, family; late husband, four kids, ten grandkids, her middle son, Jeremy is serving his eight months before parole, the only people who know this other than Karen and her family, is you and your dad, Jeremy's lawyer."It was the longest thing he heard her say, her voice, drove him wild. She was still sprouting other things he ignored the words turning instead to watch her mouth move.Beautiful.Her words didn't matter. He believ
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Chapter 5
 Jules was tired.He woke up tired and went through all his classes tired. He had called his dad five times last night and then on the fi fth time his dad didn't even bother letting it go to voicemail instead declined the call on the second ring. He was tired to his bones then he looked at Venus. She was sitting opposite him in the cafeteria eating a bag of potato chips with chopsticks while reading some maths textbook.The sight made him feel light because Venus was the type of girl that ate potato chips with chopsticks and read math textbooks in her leisure time. She caught him staring and gave him a funny look. "You want some chips?" She asked waving the bag at him. When he reached over however she snatched the bag away before he could indulge."I-I didn't think you were actually going to accept my offer." She mumbled.Jules raised his eyebrows. "So you offered expecting me to say, no?"She nodded sheepishly and Jul
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Chapter 6
 Jules knocked really hard on the wooden door, and the sound resonated in his heart. His hand fell to his side where they stayed bawled up and stiff. He thought about the reason he was knocking on the door of the Beckett house while he waited for the door to open."Come over to my house tomorrow." Venus had looked at him over the book she was holding. It sounded like a weird mixture between a question and a command. Her eyes never left him even when he looked away, he could still feel her stare.Like waves crashing violently upon the cliff.After an incident as a kid when he nearly drowned, Jules has had an unreasonable fear of water. He hated the sea and everything that had to do with it. Nothing reminded him of the sea more than Venus's eyes so why didn't he feel like running away? He hated it but he wouldn't mind drowning in them."Why? You said you liked hanging out at mine because it
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Chapter 7
 Jules didn't know what to think.It had been a week and a few days since Jules and Venus happened—that's exactly what people were calling it— and while Jules expected for a major change in his life as he knew it.The last thing he expected was the masses to be just as aware of the change in his life as he was."What's Venus thinking? Jules, really? I wonder what that freak must have done to get her attached to his hip."Jules the freak, had just exited his English class and was heading for Calculus when the voices stopped his descent down the stairs. Two girls were in front of the water fountain which just happened to be next to the stairs."I know right, I mean it's bad enough that that weirdo Venus is the shiny new thing that everyone's obsessed with. Now she's hanging with Jules?! Did you know she blew me off for him."Girl number one replied. "She blew you o
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Chapter 8
 Venus fell ungracefully on top of her bed with a sigh and Jules watched her awkwardly by the door as she stared at the ceiling. She looked like a teenager, an angry angst teen and although it shouldn't, it made him want to smile. She motioned him forward without looking at him, he approached her bed slowly.He had only intended to sit at the edge but immediately he made contact with the bed she pulled him down so he fell unceremoniously beside her. He got a strange sense of déjà vu.Her eyes were still trained to the ceiling, Jules turned his head and stared at the side of her face. "Do you enjoy making me fall for you?"Her only reaction was a blink and Jules sighed looking away from her to the ceiling. It was like every other ceiling, there wasn't much to look at but she was still staring—like there were words written only she could see. It made him notice the tiny plethora of fractures that were
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Chapter 9
 Venus traced Jules's lips with her fingers and although they were cold it left a trail of fire against his skin. He thought of nothing, then everything as he held her. He thought of how clouds of gas and dust collapse into itself to form galaxies, he thought of how she was a star that had a person's name. Vee-nuhs. He thought of Venus. When he closed his eyes he could still see her engraved on the back of his eyelids asking the same question she asked the day they met. Are you alive or just existing? He opened his eyes finally ready to answer. "I'm alive."She smiled like she knew what he was talking about but she probably didn't—since it all happened in his goddamn head, after all—or maybe she did, maybe she was lying when she said she couldn't read his mind. He looked at her. Can you hear me, Venus? If you can I just wann
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Chapter 10
 "What do mean you can't come home?! Now you listen here Johnathan you better get your ass back in this house in the next 24 hours!" Marie screamed over the phone. Jules let his head rest on the door with a thump he wasn't really eavesdropping he could already hear Aunt Marie having a screaming match with his father over the phone from his room upstairs, so he decided to come downstairs to feed the pain growing in his chest. He listened to the one-sided conversation outside his father's study. "—Johnathan," Marie gasped. "That boy is your son! Why would you ever say that?""—that's no excuse! I can't believe you left him alone for this long! What would Moria say? Do you think my sister would have wanted this?!""—Don't you dare raise your voice at me, Jace! She was my sister first before your wife.""—shut up! Just shut up!" She sobbed. "That boy did not
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