Chapter seventeen

I woke up in a foreign bed, having the worst headache ever and naked, I groaned and was shocked  to see Derek next to me also naked.

"What the fuck?" I growled sitting up on his bed with the blanket covering me!

"Hmm" five more minutes he mumbled

"Derek wake the Fuck up now" I commanded with my alpha voice  

"What the Fuck happened here and why am I in your bed naked?"

"Why so angry in the morning after we made such beautiful love, I would have thought you will be happy to finally be with me"  he said with a big grin with no care in the world, and the fact that I didn't remember what happened last night infuriated me!

"Derek, I have a mate that I love very much, why would I be happy sleeping with a guy I thought was my best friend" I said, getting even angrier because his laid back, he has no worry in the world

"Best friend, I hate that word David I've been in love with you since we were ten, and what did you do? You put me in the friend zone, and I thought you were not gay, so I pushed it aside only to find out you are gay and has been all this long and you bring that filthy whore here as your mate, and you think I will be okay with that? Think again" he said, brushing his messy blonde hair away from his face!

"What? I didn't know all that and you always called gay people names, so I thought you were a homophobic prick. That’s why I never told you I was gay and even if I did I would have never been with you, I was always going to choose my mate over anyone"

"You are my friend, you should have known all those nights I cuddled next to you, always by your side you should have seen the love I had for you David"

"I'm sorry but this is not my fault, I love Adam and Derek you will find your mate, and he will love you the way I love Adam and I don't know how all of this happened but I'm going to make sure you pay for all this and never ever become my beta ever again"

"Adams this, Adam that, what so special about him? And for your information your precious Adam saw us making sweet love last night, and he didn't even stay to fight for you, but I will always fight for you David always"

"What? I got up picking my clothes from the floor and dressed quickly, what did you do to me last night? Why can't I remember a thing?"

"Wolf bane, I pour a little it on your drink so, you and your wolf can relax a little. But it's not fatal I only put a drop, so I can show you how much I love you"

"Derek you're sick man, I will deal with you later I need to find my mate" I said, leaving his room since my wolf was still disoriented, I couldn't feel my mate emotions yet, and that scared the living shit out of me.

As I got out of the house everyone was nowhere to be found and I went outside to find a woman carrying her children running to the safe house.

"What going on?"

"Alpha, the rogues are attacking the south and east border, we tried to mind link you but it was blocked" she said, running to the safe house

I found one of the warriors checking the perimeter "Lloyd take me to the east border"

We both ran in to the forest leading us  to see many rogues attacking my warriors, I could only shift halfway since my wolf was still recuperating, I went straight to the two brown wolf's trying to gang up on one of my warrior, I took one by their head and broke his neck easily.

The other one jumped on my back and tried to bite my head, but I turned and shifted as I clawed his stomach making all the content spill on floor and I left him there laying on the floor dead. I looked for my mate but didn't see him meaning his probably at the south border, I ran and took two of the wolf's in front of me easily slicing their throat with my claws, a trick I learned from Adam the thought of him made me fight like a machine until all the rogues were dead.

I took a breather under the tree after the fight seeing some of my warriors and rogues all over dead, and I turned around when that rum scent hit my nose making my wolf feel at ease that his at least safe and the Wolf bane slowly leaving my system!

"Adam!" I said, going to him but his eyes made me stop they looked empty, cold no emotion in them whatsoever and I suddenly felt cold and shiver

"Baby, I can explain please listen to me" I said begging showing him that I was sincere and remorseful for not listening to him when he told me about Derek

"There's nothing to explain alpha" he said, bowing his head making my heart break in to pieces, not once has he ever bowed or been formal with me and it fucken hurt

"Baby please listen to me it's not what you think"

"I came to see if you're safe, and you are, so I'm leaving" when he said it, it felt like he meant it in more ways than one, and I felt sick, is he leaving me? And that thought alone shuttered me and wolf!

"Adam I love you please" by then I was begging him to stay

"WATCH OUT!" I heard him scream! 

He said, running to me, and he jumped in front of me  that's when I heard the gun shot, and the smell of iron and metal and Derek pointing the gun at me.

My mate was on floor bleeding, I fell on the floor as I held his bleeding chest calling his name, but there was too much blood, and he was not responsive, I picked him up running to the infirmary as fast as I could after licking his wound to try to stop the bleeding! 

I passed my father as he tackled Derek to the floor yelling


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