Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted

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Amanda who is a super rich kid and most famous girl in her college but also a spoiled brat who doesn’t care anyone’s feeling. She has two best friends who are not more than her pets, the whole college wants to be her friend but she doesn’t treat them properly. Although she has everything in her life still she feels something missing in her life. Maaya scholarship student who is always shy and doesn’t talk to people much and very conservative. She lost her parents when she was 7 years old only and from that time she is an orphanage. How life changes when these two girls stay together and how there life takes turns and they end up together.

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Kristen Sam
It's mind blowing
2023-07-23 05:11:15
46 Chapters
Chapter 1
Amanda POVI shift to the different side of my bed and put one goose feather pillow on my face, to muffle to avoid the annoying sound of my alarm clock. “Why the hell I join this college anyways”? God I hate my life so much, I groaned and got up from my bed since I’m staying in a hostel with one roommate who is also my so-called best friend “Kate”, but I never consider Kate as my best friend she is rich but somehow too dumb to understand anything.“ I study in ‘University of Melbourne’ it’s been 1 year since I’m staying in my college hostel but I hate this place. Well, my parents were rich enough for getting a private accommodation for me but I want to experience hostel life so I decided to stay in college hostel to explore more and try to find better friends here. I born in Edinburg in a super-rich family with no siblings, well yes since I’m the only child of my parents I get what I want and there is no such restriction. It’s 7:50 am my classes are going to start soon some my roomm
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Chapter 2
Maaaya PovIt’s been one week passed since I moved to Melbourne for my studies. I won the full scholarship in ‘University of Melbourne’ after finishing my high school with good marks. I was staying in an orphanage after my parent’s death, who dies in a car accident when I was only 7 years old. I don’t interact with other students much as I feel very uncomfortable with them. College authorities make us stay in female dorms for some time so that they can arrange our accommodation with other students.Once I hear my alarm clock sound loud enough I wake up from my bed. It's only 6 am but I don’t want anyone to interrupt me while taking shower so I usually get up early from my bed,  I have a habit to wake up early since my orphanage days so it’s not a big deal for me to leave the bed in the early morning. After getting ready I decided to grab a cup of coffee from the coffee machine and go for some walk to the n
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Chapter 3
Amanda pov‘Maaya, I said loudly & everyone gives a shocking look. Ok so maybe I was little louder’.I need every detail about this girl until the end of the evening as I order Robin, he leaves immediately. Kate, you come with me I need your help.After 1 hourAs I walk towards my room Kate is following me with my bags, once I get settled in the room, I immediately start open my bags to get settled. I skip my classes after such great news so until the afternoon we unpack my all stuff.I received Robin message, “Meet me in the canteen in 20 mints”.So finally some information about this girl, I frowned & walk out from the room. As usual, Kate is following me, once I came in a range of Robin he immediately gets up from his seat and walks towards me when I saw him opening his mouth I gesture him to stop and sit on our usual table. Now, will you speak dumb while looking at him?
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Chapter 4
Amanda povOnce I shut the door behind me I take a deep breath, so I have to share my room with this filthy girl for a whole year. I actually didn’t expect that she looks so terrible and nerd. When we reach to the parking lot I open my car and Kate sit on passenger seat & we drive to the club. The ride was not that long it took 15 minutes only or so. As I walk into the club I could hear the loud music and all the eyes turned to me. I visit every single day so it’s not hard to get most popular here and mostly our college student came here. As I saw some of my friends I smiled brightly as they start calling my name. As I reach to join them Robin and Kate come with my usual drink like a trained puppy. I faked a small smile to them and grabbed a drink. I just want to forget everything about that girl and want to enjoy my night.After 2 hoursIt’s approximately 10:30 pm when I decided to go back to the
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Chapter 5
Maaya Pov In a split second, I realize that Amanda just hit me hard on my face and now I couldn’t hold my tears anymore. All of the sudden I felt the alone & scared person, I couldn’t understand why it always happened to me. I lost my parents at the age of 7, after them my uncle was the only one who was my guardian but later he turned into a monster. All the other students in my orphanage either beat me brutally or tease me. I used to have only one friend, he was so kind and always take care of me. When I left for Australia I promise him I will never tolerate persecution & fight for my rights. Here, on the other hand, my roommate slap me and I wasn’t able to defend myself, I guess its better if I able to sleep now. Although it’s difficult to sleep now still I will try my best. Amanda Pov My chest was boiling with anger if I stay here little more my mind will be exploded soon I take a deep breath and start my car and drive to my one friend house and once I reach there I drink a lot.
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Chapter 6
Maaya Pov Suddenly someone laughter noise wakes me up when I open my eyes to see it was Amanda totally drunk. She lied back on the bed with stumble feet and mumbling “I HATE YOU”. I wonder for whom she was using this I hope it’s not about me. Amanda Pov I woke up with a major headache. How much I drink last night? And I spend a few minutes trying to reorient myself before rubbing the remnants of sleep from my eyes. As I tried to remember what happened in the party but nothing comes into my mind. So I guess it’s better if I closed my eyes for some time as I feel a throbbing pain in my head. One is good that today on Sunday so I don’t need to leave my bed without any worry. As I look into the room Maaya was already gone and I was totally alone in the room, well she is probably on her job. It’s good at least she won’t able to see how vulnerable I am right now!!! It's better if I took a shower maybe it could help to feel better with this hangover or maybe after that I can grab a cup
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Chapter 7
Robin Pov When I challenged Amanda last night I was not expecting that Amanda will accept this challenge. Amanda & I are friends since the first day of college when she enters the college everyone is staring at her. She is beautiful with blonde hairs & whenever she smiles she got a dimple on her right cheek it’s adorable. Although she is arrogant with such a beautiful face anyone can tolerate this attitude. After being a friend with her me Kate and Amanda go together to the clubs, shopping etc. I do every single thing for Amanda, I can literally go and cross any limit so that Amanda looks at me the way I look at her. I was jealous since Maaya come to this college not because Amanda like her but she always talks about her. Even though she hates her Maaya is getting lots of her attention, this makes me more jealous. “Here I looked message thrice and still not able to believe this, Amanda actually accepts this challenge.” I thought if I dare her to make Maaya fall for her, she will de
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Chapter 8
Amanda Pov As I was lying on my bed my mind is running with hundreds of thoughts. How to make Maaya fall for me? I didn’t care about anyone but frankly this time I was freaking out. It had been 3 hours since I was trying to figure out an idea to impress Maaya. No one ever takes me so much of attention ever and it was pissing me off. We never talk to each other, I bullied her for weeks & now suddenly I have to be nice in front of her. Uhg, why did I agree with this stupid challenge? God, I hated her. I hated everything about her. I walked in circles for some time and stopped beside my bed. There has to be some idea to make her fall for me. If I didn’t keep my end of the deal Robin and everyone make fun of me & I can’t tolerate this. I need something to do; I can’t just stay in the room and wait for some miracle. I got up and get ready quickly. It’s probably best if I go and meet Maaya at her store. I think I should stop thinking a lot and take baby steps to make her fall for me. B
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Chapter 9
Maaya Pov “Oh god, you are so beautiful,” she said looking at my eyes. I smiled absentmindedly when I saw her blushing and looking directly into my eyes. I felt a strange warm feeling when I heard her calling me beautiful. It was so cute. Wait, cute? I thought to myself. No, that wasn’t cute, right? I mean why I feel such an instant connection with Amanda. We both are so lost in each other eyes we didn’t even realize we are staring each other for good minutes before someone interrupted us. Amanda is clearly blushing with shyness before she starts looking to the different side. I made my way down and clear my throat to get Amanda attention on me. “So is there anything else you needed”? I asked “No, I think I am done with everything. Let’s go to counter for billing.” She said softly Once Amanda paid everything, she looked into my eyes and said “Th……….Thank you”. And left in hurry without any another glance at me. My heartbeat was beating extremely fast and my mind was swirling. Thi
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Chapter 10
Amanda Pov It’s been 15 minutes since I got it into the car and thinking about Maaya. Suddenly idea strike into my mind, “Maybe I can give her ride till hostel.” Fantastic this will work and also I can talk to her easily & I can come close to her. I wait patiently for her in the parking lot. After few minutes I saw Maaya exit the main door & start walking towards the road. I got out from the car and called her name loudly but she did not hear me probably. So I decided to catch her before she got out from my view. I run towards her and tab her shoulder for her attention, without any second thought I give my bright smile to her. “Let’s go with me in my car,” I asked “Umm… I can go by myself,” she said “No way it’s late already you have to come with me now,” I said her Somehow she looks very shocked with my action. She keeps looking down for another excuse to refuse me. So I grab her hand and we walk towards my car with trembling Maaya. I open my passenger seat door and she sits
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