Episode five

Jude's departure to a foreign land for fear of being killed hit me thinking about my own situation.

I wasn't ready to die yet or become a source of grief to my friends and family.

I decided to put in more effort and time into other pursuits for my overall well being and mental health.

The meager allowance the government paid us was not enough to meet our needs, in fact, most times we lived on debts, and when we received our allowance and after paying those debts we were left with little or nothing at all.

I was a student-teacher. This is the name given to coppers who were assigned to teach in schools by the communities they perform their duties.

The schools we were assigned refused to pay us remuneration, to them the government allowance was okay for us.

I decided to look for other options to make money and take care of my growing needs.

I couldn't continue asking my parents to send me money for my upkeep, I needed to start acting like a grown-up man.

To make more money, I started teaching private lessons.

I made contracts with parents whose children were not doing well in their academics to teach them for a token.

At the end of it all, I had 5 families under my contract and their twelve children under my tutelage. 

I would go to their homes and teach them, I carefully assigned each family time and day I would come to their place and teach them.

I enjoyed my job so well. It was quite flexible for me and convenient too. But trouble was lurking around.

The mother of one of my students started flirting with me. 

"Why me." I thought.

I was still trying to come to terms with my sexuality and now the spirit of adultery is after me too.

At first, I thought she was just being kind to me, whenever I came over she would offer me snacks and cold drinks, which I took before tutoring her kids.

Sometimes she would invite me for a chat after lessons, we would talk about life and my plans for the future, most times I couldn't stay behind to chat because I had to go to other homes to tutor their kids

Later whenever I came over I noticed she wore bump shorts that left nothing to the imagination.

I did my best to ignore her after all she was not my type and most importantly, I had a job to do.

When she noticed I wasn't making any move on her, she took another bold step that made me run for my life.

I had gone to teach her kids as scheduled, but when I got there I met her kid's absence.

"They went to their aunt's place, she invited them over so they could spend time with her.

She said smiling seductively, as I enquired about the reason for their absence.

Since they weren't around, I decided to take my leave immediately, after seeing the mischief in her eyes.

I knew she had sent her children so she could execute whatever plan she had.

"Don't go yet, I have something for you."

I stood waiting, thinking maybe she wanted to pay me because my salary was due the next day.

I admired her sitting room, the window blinds were golden brown satin, her carpet was velvety red and the couch was made of brown leather.

Her family pictures were hung on the wall, I stood and admired her wedding picture.

Lost in thought I didn't know when she came out of her room and wrapped her hands around my waist.

I jumped in shock and froze, she was completely naked. "Do you like what you see?" She said placing her hands on my chest if she listened well she would hear my heart beating on a fast rhythm.

I knew I was in danger, like Joseph and Potiphar's wife in the bible any wrong move from me she could frame me up.

I had to plan my exit as soon as possible.

I told her she was beautiful and pretended I wanted to make love to her. 

She held my hands and started walking towards her bedroom, I stopped on track.

"Isn't that your matrimonial bedroom," I said, trying to buy more time.

"Yes, but not to worry, my husband traveled for work, won't be back till Sunday."

I almost choked as I swallowed my spittle.  

"Come and make passionate love to me, I promise to take care of all your financial needs." 

I have heard of sugar mummies before but this was my first encounter and hopefully the last.

She reached for my hands again, this time around I placed them safely inside my jeans pocket.

She started to walk into her room and I followed her, she laid down and asked me to join her.

"I need to use your bathroom." 

"You mean now."

"Yes, now, I would be with you in a jiffy."

She laughed out and seductively. "Okay, second door by the left." 

I didn't wait for a second more and ran towards the door, unlocked it, and ran away.

Two days later her husband called me to know why I hadn't come around to teach his kids.

I lied that I was incapacitated and can't resume as his children's tutor anymore.

After my encounter with Mrs. Okeke, I became more skeptical about going to people's homes to teach their kids.

But I needed the money, my service year was just a month away so I continued but I was more courteous.

They say "once beaten, twice shy."

I had been beaten by circumstances beyond my control and all I wanted was to learn from it and move on.

I had already broken up with Hannah, she called to inform me that she met someone else and that I had never been emotionally available.

Not knowing what to say about that especially knowing that she was right about me, I wished her well and we parted ways.

I decided to avoid dating anyone for the time being, for my own peace of mind and mental wellbeing. 


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