Chapter twenty six

The pen fell from his grip as his eyes widened, walking towards me. I slipped on my thong that he had removed earlier as I waited for him to process the information. It was probably a lot to take in. I didn't blame him. It was the least he expected to hear.

"What!" He asked, shock pasted all over his face.

"Dan is my uncle. My bully!" I went on.

"That's why I am opting to take down the gang. I can't allow my bully to run along these streets and he ruined my life," I seethed, walking past him, my back turned against his.

"That's why he was looking for you. He had pressured some of the members into the assignment of finding you, that it was really urgent."

"Jeremy happened to fall from heaven, bringing me to him," I remarked sarcastically.

I wanted nothing to do with Jeremy anymore. He used me. Even after I offered help, he remained stubborn, ready to hurt all those around me to get his life back. Dan's death would be the key, not my life.

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