Juwairiyyah was dressed in a blue silk gown with a black silky veil which complimented her fair face; caked with makeup. She was walking towards her car in the students' parking lot with the car keys dangling in her hand. Immediately she was there, she stormed into the driver's seat and ignited the engine into a quick action. She revised out of the parking lot and gently accelerated away. As she was driving towards the gate, someone appeared from nowhere and blocked her way. It was Yousuf!

She turned off the car and quickly removed the key from the ignition. "What the heck do you want from me?" She icily asked as she hopped out of the car. "I thought I made it clear to you that we are done already? Why do you have to keep disturbing me, Yousuf?". 

"Juwairiyyah listen to me please. I love you, and you know I really do. What happened between us was a minor misunderstanding, so please and please lets just..."

"Can't you see I'm no more interested anymore?" She intruded vehemently, glaring at him. "Yousuf I'm no more interested, so please let me be!". She added.

Her words pierced through his heart, and that made him lowered his gaze in sadness with a huge sigh. He was thinking on what else to say to her when he heard her car engine reviving. "God!" He blurted out in astonishment. 

Juwairiyyah had hopped back into her car and was igniting the engine back into action. Before he could rush to her and beg her not to go, the engine was already into action. Hence, she made a quick turn that sprawled the mud water nearby on his white and clean caftaan. That was really bad for him!


She was named Juwairiyyah Abbas Ibraheem. Her father Alhaji Abbas was a wealthy merchant in Gombe State, he was a native of Kebbi State. Her mother, Hajiya Raliya was also a native of Kebbi State and was a complete house-wife.

Juwairiyyah was their one and only daughter which was why she was pampered to no end, and that made her grew up arrogantly, rudely and disrespectfully. She was 19, tall, fair, beautiful, and had ample bosoms that no sane man could resist. Fashion was one of her hobbies. She was a third year geography student of Gombe State University (GSU). 

"Oh God, I'm damn tired. Uwani I need a glass of water here!" she exclaimed in a commanding tone, falling wearily into the couch before acknowledging the presence of her mother who was sitting in an armchair nearby. "Oh, hello mom. How are you?". She said in what seemed like a whisper.

"I'm fine princess, welcome back". Her mother replied with a smile on her face. "How was the school?".

"Fine mom. I am just tired, where's this useless woman with my glass of water?". She arrogantly complained.

"No princess, that woman is old and deserve some respect". Her mother calmly said to her. "And again, I guess she didn't hear you".

"Oh come on mom, she's just a house help and nothing more; what respect does she deserve when she's earning under me? And about hearing me, she ought to. As a house help, she should be alerted at all time". She disrespectfully uttered that to her mother, hence turning her head to the  kitchen route. "Ke Uwani, where the heck are you!" She yelled on top of her high pitched voice.

"Yes ma!". The old woman responded as she ran to the attend the call. "Welcome ma, how may I help you?". The old woman said while going down her knees in front of Juwairiyyah. 

That was something Juwairiyyah imposed on all the workers in the house. No one has the right to talk to her standing and looking straight into her eyes, one has to bend his/her head down and go on their knees. "Why are you so useless Uwani? I asked for a cup of water as soon as I returned and you chose not to bring it, huh? Who the hell do you think you are?".

"I am so sorry ma, it won't repeat again I promise". The old woman pleaded. "Let me go get the water for..."

"Get out of my sight you useless piece of garbage!". Juwairiyyah yelled at her, hence the old woman nodded her head and left in haste.

"Take it easy princess, I don't like it when you get stressed up". Her mother said to her. "And please don't worry, she won't repeat it again okay?".

"Have her take my lunch to my room. She should make sure I don't see her face when she takes it". Juwairiyyah uttered angrily as she withdrew from the couch she was sitting in.

"I will princess". Her mother nodded in acknowledgement.

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