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And your reviews and comments are well appreciated. I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it for you.

In the meantime, enjoy my world of choices and characters that I hope you fall in love with and follow them on this quest called life.


A collection of wonderful photos, tagged as aesthetics has been carefully and almost perfectly created to meet both the pace and fashion of this book.

Variety of applications, combined with the efforts of the author and graphic designers are responsible for the fancy pieces you see.

As this book is mainly filled with flashbacks and flashforwards, ensure that you read through each of the sentences at the top.

Nevertheless, each flashback or flashforward or any conversion are notably typed in italics for easy understanding.


-that the night of the murder and during the investigation are all flashforwards and after the murder.

Each segregated flashback or flashforwards are clearly italized so don't confuse it with their normal ongoing lives.

And slowly as this story progresses, we'll eventually reach the night of the murder where the killer would be unraveled.


Dedicated to the team behind the writing and the sources of inspiration-

-to God and the most supportive parents I could wish for.

Dedicated to those who have been wronged by the system and those who have been wronged by fate.

Those that mourn, and the happy beings.

Dedicated to my friends and readers. Yup, each one of you- even you reading this!


One would be put at the beginning of eachchapter that is heavily or sensitively themed.

But asides all and all, I really do hope you enjoy my book and random person reading this,

-yes, you!

You are amazing. And I love you.


Stay blessed.❤️

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