18. First Friend


The next day came a little tardily. I slept fitfully last night, whether it was because I was excited to meet Marie or whether it was because she had been kind enough to talk to me first was unclear. Maybe both. I got up as soon as the birds started chirping and dawn was creeping in, the sun spilling reddish hues across the horizon. I did whatever little work I had. I piled up my meagre clothes in a basket to take it for washing. The cottage was provided with its own well. I don't know whether I should be thanking my estranged husband for this or not.

The chill in the morning air nipped my skin as I stepped out. I shivered as it caressed my face. I quickly drew water, keeping the basket of clothes aside and took the bucket inside to fill in the empty ones. Then I finished washing the clothes and hanging them outside even though I knew that it wouldn't be quite dry since the dew would stick to it but who cared? Today I will be taking a trip t

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Bella Jersey
Damien someone is sniffing around your woman!! (Sing song voice)

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