5. Wedding Gift


I wiped away my tears hurriedly even though I knew he had seen everything. I straightened and looked at him square in the eyes, my jaw set. "Welcome back my Lord", I greeted with a short bow. He did not move from his position, he was observing me. I clenched my fists. The weight of his stare was too much for me to bear at the moment. I turned away and stomped to the cupboard. I sifted through the clothes idly because there was absolutely nothing else for me to do in the room to avoid his gaze. 

"Why were you crying?" his voice was nearer, he had definitely entered further into the room. He gave him a cold shoulder. It was almost noon and my dear husband just wishes to saunter into the room and ask me why I was crying. Ridiculous. 

"That is none of your concern, my Lord", I answered through clenched teeth as my hold on an evening dress tightened."Loosen your hold, my lady", he murmured right beside my ears and I stood dumbfounded as his cold fingers brushed against mine as he loosed my hold on the dress and retracted his hand. That jolted me out of my stupor.

I whirled to the side, he was on my left and he was standing close, far to close for my liking. My eyes locked with his, his eyes scrutinized me, his lips were turned downwards as if he was worried about my well-being. for a moment I deluded myself to believe that indeed he was worried but then his lips curved into a smirk and he asked, "Were you worried when you found out that I was not in the Manor?"  

I gaped at him. How did he discern the fact? His smirk turned into a full-blown grin and his eyes which held not even a few moments ago now gleamed with mischief.  This annoyed me to no end. I took a few steps back to create some distance between us. This man did nothing but infuriate me from yesterday. 

I crossed my arms, "What if I was? Keep this in mind, I am not someone to just accept your ill doings. I will not endure or tolerate you being unfaithful to me", I jabbed my fingers at him, glaring and wishing to smack that grin off his face. 

"You are a spitfire", he murmured, "Interesting". Then moved onto open his part of the closet and began removing his neckerchief and coat. This was not what he wore last night...my mind started chalking different scenarios. 

"Where were you?"  I queried. "Went to visit a friend", he replied, no more no less. "Why did my family leave the place without saying so much as a goodbye to me?" I waited for him to respond with 'because I said so' but I was taken aback when he halted in the process of taking out a fresh shirt. He frowned and asked, "Did they?" 

"Yes. They did", I replied curtly. 

"Did you tell them anything?" I inquired because if not him then they would not leave, not in this way. 

But again to my surprise he shook his head, "I would never do so", then he turned towards me and said more sincerely, "Believe my Lady, I would never deprive you of such a thing". 

I was in a fix. On the one hand, I wanted to believe him but on the other hand, I questioned myself, wouldn't Harmony wish to meet me one last time before going back? Did my father not want to meet me anymore? Maybe he was the one who forced Harmony to go with him without saying farewell. 

"Don't be sad", sincerity dripped from every word. I pursed my lips but said nothing. I wanted to leave the chamber and go elsewhere, somewhere I could think. Somewhere that would give me some peace. I missed my family dearly but the thought of them not wanting to meet me pained me to no end. 

"Let's go and have lunch together, shall we?" he suddenly offered. I nodded. The subject about him taking a mistress was yet to be broached. Damian changed behind the screen before leaving me to get dressed. Alice came in shortly. We ate our lunch in silence. I blushed when I met Bastian again and remembered my embarrassing question. Even if Damian noticed, he did not say anything. 


"I wish to sleep in another chamber", I informed him. We were in our chamber again or rather 'his' chamber. I cannot accept the fact that my husband will be unfaithful and I will have to endure it. Since I will not be able to break the marriage, I can only change rooms.

Damian chuckled lightly, "Oh?" I fumed at his nonchalance. "Yes", I said angrily, "And you...will take a mistress anyway", my voice trembled with anger. 

He raised an eyebrow. "You think...I will keep a mistress? my lady?" he asked me, slowly and carefully. I glared at him in response. He was sitting on the bed but when he heard my accusation he got up. His eyes had a predatory glint and his lips displayed that obnoxious smirk. I somehow felt trapped but I could not escape, his eyes had the power to make anyone stop and stare and drown in those twin black cesspools.

"You overthink my dear", his honeyed voice made me shiver. He caressed my face with one hand, the touch so soft that I would have barely felt it had it not been so cold. I shuddered and closed my eyes, exhaling slowly.

"So beautiful", he murmured, cupping my face with both hands, I did not resist. He murmured again, "You can rest assured that I will remain faithful to you. And...don't worry about me taking away your innocence", I opened my eyes, my brows furrowing, he grinned, "I have something for you. A wedding gift". 

This intrigued me. Him, giving me a gift? He, who is said to be incapable of showing affection to anyone. 

He strode to the closet and took out a small box.  He came back to me and offered it, "Open it". I took the box hesitantly, warily opening it. I gasped at the content. In it sat a beautiful silver ring with a sapphire adorning it. I glanced up, "This? It is so expensive. And...and silver? Silver isn't-" but I could not finish talking as Damian shushed me by placing a finger on my lips. 

"This is a gift. Accept it my dear and I had it made with silver purposely. When you wear, neither I nor any other of my kind will be able to touch you", his eyes were kind, his tone was gentle yet serious. My eyes widened. 

He would go so far to ensure my safety? I felt overwhelmed. I lowered my gaze to avoid showing my unshed tears. "Thank you. It is beautiful", I said truthfully.

"Will you now stay with me in my chamber since your chastity is safe now?" he teased. I feigned a glare but nonetheless went and sat on the bed. 

"Will you put it on my finger?" I asked reluctantly. My eyes fixed on my lap. "My pleasure", came the answer. He kneeled in front of me as I held out my hand. He looked at the ring as if contemplating something, then I realized and stopped him from suffering due to coming in contact with the silver, "Wait don't hold it with your fingers. Here", I took out my handkerchief and offered it to him. 

He was looking at me intently which made me blush. He chuckled, "My lady. You indeed know very little about our kind", he shook his head which made my cheeks heat up even more. 

"If it had been that easy to deal with silver. Then wouldn't our Kind become invincible?" he smiled not unkindly. "Oh, then I can-" but he interrupted me again. "No. Let me. Please". He touched the metal hissing when it came into contact with his skin. To my horror, I saw the skin turn red. He put it on my ring finger and snatched away his hand immediately. 

Was what people said really true? Was he really incapable of showing kindness and affection? This, what he did could not be dismissed as simply showering gifts on his wife as an apology. No. But then, why would he show such affection towards me? I smiled anyway. Even though it came from a stranger who is now my husband, it felt nice. I felt a little happy. 

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