Sydney Marin series

Sydney Marin series

By:  Katherine petrov  Completed
Language: English
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Sydney Marin is a witch living in Odren country in a realm where all the paranormal creatures existed. All these years in her life she lived as a loner with her aunt Lydia who always protects her, never exposed her to others. One day Sydney met a Jacen, a vampire who entered her life and everything changed. Soon She received a letter to join the sapphire academy and study with other witches, vampires, werewolf, etc.. She can't able to reject it. She ignored her aunt Lydia's warning, joined the academy. Then she came to know more about her life, flashbacks and she realized her life was a lie. She's not just a witch, she's something powerful and more than That...

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Katherine Petrova
Hey there readers....It’s a whole series containing two books: The Sapphire Academy and Queen of hell. I hope you like this paranormal novel.
2020-12-03 11:59:12
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the book started good and then it get weird..
2022-09-28 01:01:01
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In New Orleans, there are no paranormal creatures existed. There are no paranormal things at all. Can you believe it? What if the paranormal creatures are living in another realm that is totally invisible to humans. That's possible, right?There's a street in New Orleans that absolutely looks like an entrance to a large forest. That's where a realm is hidden. Only paranormal creatures can enter it with a  secret portal. Humans will just pass the road and reach their homes without even knowing about a place like that." We should Break-up. You are driving me crazy. I hate you" a teen girl scolded in her phone passing the road. She hangs up on her boyfriend before he had time to explain it to her. She glanced at her watch. The whole place feels weird to her. She couldn't spot any persons. She kept on walking fastly hoping to reach her home. But it seems like she's walking for hours. The darkness, wind, silence gave her goosebumps. She's the one person who's standing
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Sydney Marin" Hear these words hear my cryspirit from the other sidecome to me I summon thee"I chanted these lines with full concentration. I already placed FIve candles in the middle of the forest. It's going to be MIdnight and I can't able to figure out how to use this spell perfectly to bring back my dead parent's spirit. I even placed both of their photos in the middle of the candles." Why can't I do this spell? Iam good at everything than this." I shouted in irritation. Iam a very good witch in my sixteen years. Actually, I will turn sixteen in one week and all of my life I never left my house. I  don't have any memories of my parents. They died when Iam three. Now Iam with my Aunt Lydia. She always tells one thing " Never ever leave our house and you shouldn't talk with others. Iam telling this to protect you. That's your parents wish bla bla bla..." Iam a kid. I don't need protection. I
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Before I step outside rain started to pour. Can't it rain at any other time? Now Iam locked in the house again. But Iam practiced to it. I spent all my time trying to spells and playing games on my laptop, phone. The technology in Slateville is the same as on Earth. That's what I heard about it from my aunt. My aunt Lydia is so interested in talking about Earth and the humans than telling about Slateville.To tell the truth, I would better be an ordinary girl in the earth than being a witch in Slateville who is captured in the home for nearly 16 years.Suddenly something caught my attention on my desk. I walked over and saw a book. It has a heading 'Slateville' on it and a note beside it.Dear Sydney, I know you always wanted to know more about Slateville. So I bought this book. It has a lot of information about this place. Today, I will come late at midnight. Stay in home-like every day. Bye.I finished reading it with regret. She w
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He introduced himself while Iam staring blankly at him. He's in a v-neck shirt and dark jeans with some bloodstains on his shirt and face. He looked so hot. I feel like seeing a handsome boy from a movie. He whipped it off and stared back." Did you killed that girl, Jacen?" I asked and felt his name on my lips. " No. She's unconscious. She's probably be dead soon. I crossed the line of Slateville. So I feed on her. Humans aren't supposed to see this place." he replied and snapped his hand. Suddenly another person emerged from nowhere taking the girl's body and vanished. I wondered who's that person with a wide-opened mouth." Don't be shocked. He's my bodyguard." I didn't expect a vampire having some bodyguards. I fixed my eyes on Jacen again ready to ask another question. I got infinite questions to ask as I never left my house. I got to know more about the surroundings and humans on Earth." The girl seems so innocent. That's not fair. Why can't
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I don't know what to do. I can feel his breath next to me. I need to do something." So you mentioned something about an academy. What's that?" I asked stopping whatever he's trying to do." When a girl or boy turns 16. they will receive a letter to join an academy to increase their skills and they will provide more training to the students. We will stay in the academy for a year, only allowed to visit our home twice. But we can contact our family members through the phone which is allowed. It's a three years study and there are many academy's available in slateville." I eagerly listened and I desperately want to study there. It will be awesome to get new friends and I will work hard to be a powerful witch like my aunt." Wow. I never know there's an academy to learn." I excitedly spoke but realized my aunt won't allow it. I really want to convince her to join me there. She never mentioned about the academy." Yeah. I already turned 16. My parents will be
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The next day went so fast. I learned a lot from the book and my aunt doesn't know that I went out yesterday. It's a great escape. But I won't do that mistake again. I can't face the consequences of getting caught. I also thought of asking her about the Sapphire academy. Well, I know the answer before even asking. ' you can't go to Sapphire Academy, Sydney. I should keep you safe and how did you know about the academy?' Then can I tell her about meeting a vampire boy? ' I met a vampire boy who said about this academy and we even kissed'. Hell no, I can't tell that. It's like getting my head into a volcano. She will be sweet as sugar but hard as ice when I rebelled her rules. I walked to my room with some chips packets to eat and spend the rest of the evening. I turned on the laptop and Typed 'The sapphire Academy' in 'Slatycity'. Like Google, Slatycity is used in Slateville. I knew things like this so I could download m
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" I will think of away," she whispered to herself. Bringing up my courage I spoke to her." I don't want to go somewhere unknown. I know how to cook and I will take care of myself. I won't go back."  She looked up at me convincingly but all she replied is " It's settled, Sydney. I need to ask any of my friends to take care of you and also Iam thinking of giving you the training to learn all witch skills. It's your time to study."For a minute I felt like hearing one bad news and another good one. Staying in some unknown person's house is not a good idea even though they are Lydia's friends. I will feel uncomfortable living with some other witch house. Anyways she said this is the time for my studies. Is that mean I will be joining in any academy? Wow. If it's true Iam so happy right now. I want to join in the sapphire Academy." Where will I be studying?" "I didn't think of that. You will be learning under the guidance of a witch at the home. Y
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" Go hide somewhere." I panicked and urged him." Where? I don't wanna hide. Can I talk to your aunt Lydia and advise..." I stopped him by closing his mouth with my hand." Stop talking. Please hide in the closet." I pleaded but he licked my hands." Eww.." I removed my hand and he smiled." Hey, the door," Lydia commanded. I grabbed Jacen's arms and opened the closet." Stay here. Don't come out." I whispered and he finally obeyed me. " Iam coming," I shouted back turning up by laptop, streamed a movie. I don't even saw the movie name." Why didn't you sleep? Is everything okay?" She asked when I opened the door after 5 minutes of knocking." Iam totally fine. Just seeing a movie and reacting to it. It's so interesting and Iam not feeling sleepy." I replied calmly. " Okay. But don't watch too many movies," she advised and walked down the stairs." PUff. You can come out." I said which is b
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" She's gonna stay with us for 6 months, Noah. So he's our new guest." Nina popped up from the kitchen. So he is Noah. Nina's son." Don't tell me she's here to learn from Pamela." Noah sympathetically looked at me. Who is Pamela?" Yes, sadly," Nina replied." Oh my. This girl doesn't deserve to learn from Pamela." I think she is the witch who is assigned to teach me. I wish not to meet her. Everyone's talking about her like she's the worst person in Slateville." My sister isn't that horrible. She's harsh and boring that's it" Nina says to assure me." Welcome home. Iam Noah. I will show you your room." he ran his hand on his brown hair, kept his laptop, and motioned me to follow him." Iam Sydney." I introduced myself. We entered a clean room in a blue paint wall. 'my favorite'. The room has a single bed and empty shelves and a cupboard. I can fill all my things in this room." I like this room." I ad
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" You are his... it means... I...I will be staying at your house." I stammered a lot in surprise. I never even dreamed a bit of staying in Jacen's house. I can't figure out why Iam feeling so excited." Yes. I don't know you are staying here till now. Anyways, It's a good thing. I don't need to see you by sneaking around your house." I ignored his smile by jumping to another question."  Iam here to learn from Pamela, your mother's sister I think. Why Nina's a vampire while she is a witch?""  There never been many hybrids in Slateville. It's a rare one. Due to different species of my grandparents, my mom is a vampire and Pamela's a witch. A person can only be one species at a time. Noah and I are pureblood cause we are born to two vampires. We have all the strengths of a vampire since birth." he explained. He's a born Immortal. So interesting. I sometimes thought of being immortal. we both walked out of the room to s
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