"I told myself I will take this slow but this girl is impatient." I murmured when she asked about what I am doing. I have been purposely following her around, sometimes she doesn't notice it, but she did when I came inside the new coffee shop near their place. 

"Uno, what are you really up to? I know how it hurts to see me. I know how hard it is to have lunch with me or even share a table while sipping coffee, so why are you doing this? I thought you don't want to see me because you are being reminded of our child? I am doing everything to give you time, but why are you making me confuse? Why are you giving me hope?"

"I am here because I still couldn't admit to myself that I no longer love you. Even after what you did, and even after everything that we have been through, I realized that the most important thing is that you are alive. I care about our daughter, but

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