Chapter 3: Flings.

Demi eyed me playfully. I knew he was finally there. I rolled my eyes for my friends. She laughs while waving on Alforo. I prayed a few times that Klaud would have appeared, but it just failed. Watching Demi lamented on me, making me stiff, especially since I saw Alforo glance at me. I didn't stare at him and just focused on my drink. I am already sipping when I caught his gaze on me.

"Will you watch later?" one of Alforo friends asked.

My decision was complete, but Demi was ahead of me. I frowned at her as her lips parted. I drifted my eyes on Alforo who's watching my every reaction. I looked away and turned to Demi laughing.

"Of course!" she muttered.

I breathed slowly and stopped talking. I am thinking of a good reason to excuse myself for their game. I knew he was there and I could not avoid that. I stared at my juice when I realized something.  Klaud was busy, and all I knew was that he was able to say excuse properly. Maybe I should just say that we're got to see each other.

I'm all smiled when my gaze darted at Alforo. I don't know how he will feel, especially since he caught me grinning for no reason.

"Alforo don't forget your story!" Rondier smirk.

An unusual foreign feeling made me gasped for air. I kept my disposition and did not express any opinions.

"What? You don't like, Cynthia? Haidy?" his friend teased him.

"Spill it, Alforo?" Demi hissed.

I was surprised there. Demi smirked while twisting her lips, looking at me. I glared at her and looked up.

My irritation subsided. He's always making anyone astonished by just looking at them. I noticed that at first, so I did not want to be with him. Whenever he's near, I'm uncomfortable.

"Who is it?" 

His eyes bore to me. I caught the puffiness of his eyes facing me. To sense that I'm always out of my comfort when his gazed were on me, I'd ever find myself allured at him.

My throat dried up as I just lowered my gaze. I know it's rude that way, but I think its better. Because I also do not want him to approach me. And I draw a line assuring myself for it.

The afternoon after class. I'm spacing out for no apparent reason. One thing that made the air acidity is when Demi tore her eyes and held my hand. She didn't even hear my idea! Damn!

"Let's go!"

I let him pull me into the sea of ​​people. I know it's not a big deal for our school to watch this game, but little by little you still found yourself watching some. I was filled with so many yells, noise, cheer. I immediately found Alforo's eye. My heart raced, and just like it, a demon on my system awakens. I even noticed his stare at me for a long time.

Demi laughs as she steps closer to greet, Alforo. Alforo gaze fixed on me. His lips twisted.

"She doesn't want to go, unless if it's Klaud...: Demi spilt.

He laughed as Alforo turned to me. His glanced were too long; that's its kind of intimidating.

"Just cheer for us, Riani. Or Alforo!"

I could not smile back because I felt like I was hanging in the air. I'm not cheering for him! My cheeks warmed when I saw everyone staring at me. I sighed defeated. I gave a sour smile while the anxiousness in my chest was like a drum.

We're not close enough. I am not used to calling him by his name. It still sounds new to me. Demi screamed as I just stared at them, empty. I could feel the tension, especially when Alforo stared at me for a while. His hawk-like eyes made me numb in a different way. I can't quite imagine why I feel this way. It's odd to felt something for him.

Everyone is gone wild for a few seconds. I kept watching everything while I was shocked by Alforo lying down. Fuck! I was not paying attention, and it seems that he sprains his ankle. I did not expect that! Damn!

It was a very fast game. Our school win but instead of celebrating they're so concerned about Alforo. I almost choked when Haidy approached behind Demi.  She was on Alforo right side while I was struggling if I'll be staring or not. Haidy touches Alforo's arms, seemingly serious but I feel his caress indicates something else.

I couldn't stand staring at the two of them. Others are curious and just stare. I even saw Cynthia staring at Haidy while Alforo glanced at her.

"There's nothing to worry about, Alforo. You're still handsome in my eyes." She said enthusiastically.

My face turned red, and I almost choked on what Haidy said. Her friends yell, and instead of getting along with, the irritation on me builds up even more. I never had the chance to eyed Alforo. Only once after seeing his smile at what Haidy said.

I averted my gaze as our eyes met. He licked his lips, and a hidden smile irk.  I didn't wait for Demi to talk to Alfred and I knew she didn't notice me either.

I sat on the bench as I watched a silhouette behind me. I thought someone was passing by, but I was surprised to see Alforo dressed up. I shook my head, blinking twice to say I'm not hallucinating. I was too caught off guard to see him here with me alone.

"What are you doing here?"

He didn't answer. He just looks at me with his usual perpetual scowl. I am too stunned, especially when I see him struggling to sit.

He smiled cockily, holding my palm.

"What are you doing here, alone?"

I rolled my eyes. "You didn't even answer my question, Alforo…"

His lips twisted, watching me in awe.

"Just go back there, Alforo ..." I said.

He smiled teasingly, something that caught my attention. My eyes rested on him. His expression was soft, and I noticed how shallow his deep eyes. Fuck! My face heated when my eyes were stayed for too long.

"Why?" the leer on his eyes makes me stiff.

The trembling in my chest was like a drum at what I heard. Something very foreign to me, it seems wrong to feel like this. It was as if a tickling sensation lording my senses. And if only  I didn't notice the ghost smile on his lips, I wouldn't be enlightened.

"Just go back there! In your fling Alforo!" I stuttered.

His brows furrowed.

"I don't have flings, Riani…"

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