Chapter 7: Date

Words are powerful that it blurred what you should literally feel. It concealed those thoughts that keep running to you. Alforo's watching me with hawk-like eyes, it's menacing but alluring at the same time.

He turned to me intently, in the dark, I could see him still looking at me with those piercing eyes. I cleared my throat as I strayed the topic.

"You should not go, Alforo..."

His brow shot up.

"I'll just be going to watch, Riani. There's no problem with it."

I smirked. I looked up at him. He's wearing his perpetual scowl looking at me with those weary eyes.

My smile faded there. Now he's gaze was on me, properly fixed and didn't mind if I tolerate it.

"What can I do, Riani?" he said nonchalantly.

My eyes widened, and I was stunned. I turned to her angrily as amusement etched on his face. I bit my lip staring at him. His gaze was on me, eagerly waiting for a response.

"You're too old for me ..." I said.

"Really?" he sounds teasingly.

Damn him! A smile appeared on his lips as I cursed him on my mind, even then. His lips were twitching, gliding his eyes on me. I don't know if I will laugh or not. He's been witty and lunatic at the same time. It is also possible that he was joking. But I shook at the thought, I put it aside and turned to Alforo.

"What Riani? Can I?" he said, wondering.

My lips were apart, and my eyes narrowed at him. At the same time, he's looking at me and smiling devilishly.


"You're not even serious, you can't even flirt, just fuck Alforo," I whispered the last

He licked his lips, frowning as his eyes met mine. It matched those sceneries, especially darkness. And it blended well, like a mixture of abstract you can't easily repel.

"What's that?" he uttered slowly.

My chest throbbed for no apparent reason. The urge to recalling those foreign feelings I've got towards him was replenished by a new and farther to what I've been expecting.

"I know how to flirt, Riani."

My eyes narrowed at his straight-forward statement. My heart was roaring fast, and slightly I felt something different.

"I'm not asking, Alforo!" I lash out.

His jaw clenched, his eyes widened even more at me. His lips were in rose as he eyed me again, teasingly.

"If you want it, why not?" his deep voice echoed on my system.

Fuck! I was immediately alarmed by what he said. My heart was stuttering for words. And it sent chills down my spine. I tried to maintain my composure and lost it again. It's lording my senses. Fuck. Unadulterated words were already flash on me, even though that was not really what he said—being with Alforo's. Well  Damn!

"I will not try it with you."

He barks a peal of laughter, and fuck! Even his laughter annoys me. I do not know why. Maybe there's a slight sarcasm on it. I do not know!

"Then fling? I'm fine wit-"

"Fuck you! Alforo." I burst out.

He laughed, now I'm being on my usual self. I also do not know how to feel Sometimes, and I really wondered if he really kept his promise. He's in the dark watching me with those sultry looks while witnessing my chitchat on Klaud.

"Klaud!" I said happily.

I'm wearing my school uniform. I saw the shock on his face, then gently, I felt my face heated. I did not notice that there was still someone watching me. I tiptoed my lips and suppressed a smile on Klaud.

"What are you doing here, Riani? It's late." He concluded.

I looked at him. I didn't answer immediately, hoping he would get an idea why I am here at this time. I covered my lips and shook, disappointed. And what made it shallower is when he didn't even remember what this date is.

'Seeing you. "My voice was tiny.

He smiled tiredly. He even checked his watch before I gasped.

"Maybe next time, Klaud?" I sighed.

He nods in response. He delivered me on the gate. I was about to bid goodbye when I saw him busy chatting on someone. I ignored that. I never mentioned any single words just to make him recall something. I just nod watching him in the dark.

"Happy Monthsary!' Alforo's voiced caught my ears.

He's looking at me intently, as usual. I smiled sparingly. His eyes found mine. I could not laugh. He stepped closer as I rolled my eyes.

"Nice hiding!" I yelled at him.

His lips twisted playfully. I watched him approach. I'm not sure if I'm more comfortable when he's here like this or not. I ignored that. I turned to him irritably, he's always been like this. If I am not teased, he stared. He's handsome, sure! But it scared me that I'm intimidated.

"Let's date ..." he said in tone huskily.

My eyebrows met as I eyed him intently. He chuckled. He bit his lower lip while I'm drifting my gaze on the other side. Fuck!

"H-huh?" I said, now confused.

He looks at me playfully. Now I finally noticed the unuttered feels in the way he stared. Each time it met my eyes, it sent a familiar but at the same time foreign vibe on me. His lips protruded when I'm just looking at him dumbfounded.

"You're playing with me, huh?" he said sarcastically.

My lips twitch, finally got what he said. "I'm not! What are you talking about?" I uttered softly, recalling his words.

His gaze becomes soft. His lips parted after hearing my sudden words. I was immediately taken aback. What are you doing, Riani? Damn!

"Do you want it?"

My eyes narrowed. I was immediately alarmed by what he said. I averted my gaze. He chuckled, still caught my gaze at him.

"I didn't say anything ..." I defended.

He swallowed hard. His eyes damp on me softer, unlike usual. I looked at him. His eyes resemble darkness, and it made me feel ecstatic watching him this too close.

His brow shot up. A smile plastered on his lips. I even saw his eyes stayed at my lip. It's dark! But it wasn't totally that dark that I can't figure it out. I let go of the stare.

"Fine, let's go ..." he whispered.

I'm in awe, definitely. I can't quite imagine how long I stand being with him. And I don't want to recall those words I heard on this night.

He smiled boyishly, while I'm blurting out at one of the restaurants. He glanced at me. I rolled my eyes.

"What do you want?" he states.

I glance at him sharply. He just smiled mockingly, handing me the menu. I finally lowered it. I found him leaning over while grabbing my attention.

"Pasta and orange juice is okay, here ..." I smiled genuinely at the waiter.

He leers at me this time. The unusual churned of my stomach defined. His lips twisted, I was immediately alarmed. The brute always stared at me like I'm fragile that should always be watching.

"Are you on a diet?" he asked nonchalantly.

My brows raised for an unuttered question. I gasped for air as he licked his lips, still looking at me intently.


"You're too skinny. And well ..." he paused.

His eyes damp on my chest. I was about to glare at him for drifting his eyes when the order arrived.

He chuckled, lifting my gaze on him.

"You're still fifteen, maybe it will-" I cut him off, and kick him over the table.

"Ah! -"he screamed.

"Don't imitate me with your exes, Alforo ..." I sighed.

His lips protruded. "Fine."

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