IYUNADE: The trials of life
IYUNADE: The trials of life
Author: Divina

Chapter 1


        Iyunade jerked awake into a sitting position as her ringtone blasted out, she had an early morning call. She silenced it immediately and saw it was her sister. She turned to check if Chief Adeakin had been awoken by the noise and sighed in relief when she heard his loud snores. 

Why is Sade calling me now? She thought. She had told her countless times to stop calling her very early in the morning but she just wouldn't listen. She declined the call while making a mental note to call her later. 

   Laying back on the bed, she turned back to look at Chief again. The man was like a lion as he had pounced on her like she was his prey last night and didn't even get tired after five rounds of rough sex. She suddenly felt flighty but she knew she had to keep doing it for the sake of her family. 

People who didn't know her would think she was just being a brat who wanted to wear the latest clothes and use the most expensive things. But she had to do "work" like this so that her family would survive. Beneath her tough and devil-may-care attitude was the need to see her loved ones doing well. To her, a family without a healthy father or mother was doomed. And her family was everything to her and she couldn't afford to lose them. And if people couldn't understand that, then good riddance. 

Shaking off her thoughts, she tiptoed to the table where Chief's suitcase was and gently opened it to find some bundles of five hundred naira notes of about twenty pieces each. 

Ewo, see money!! And this foolish old man will tell me he doesn't have enough money with him. She immediately took three bundles of money and kept it inside a hidden compartment in her bag. 

Shaking her head, she padded back to bed and lightly tapped the Chief. 

"Baby, I really need to be on my way," she said while rubbing his hairy chest slowly as the Chief began to rouse from sleep till he finally opened his eyes. She quickly forced a smile on her face to hide how repulsive she felt. 

"What is it?" he asked, still beclouded with sleep.

"Chief, I have to go right now. I just got an emergency call from home and I have to get there now," she replied. 

"OK, I don't have money with me. I will send money to your account," he promised. 

Bastard. She cursed in her mind. 

"Okay, Chief."

"So, when will I see you again?" he asked as he yawned like the lion he was. 

"Hmmmm, later this week. School just resumed, so I still have some free time on my hands."

"Okay, darling. Do you have some change for a taxi?"

Her eyes swung up to look at him. She felt he knew something, especially with the tone of his voice. However, he just stared back at her. 

Trying to play it cool, she responded, "I still have the transport fare you sent me yesterday. You know I told you that an acquaintance dropped me off. So, I'll be fine. Don't worry, baby."

Smiling at him, Iyunade tugged at his beard before standing up to go into the bathroom. As she closed the door behind her, she shut her eyes and let out the breath she was holding. That was close.

Turning to the mirror, she wiped her face and donned a free long blue gown, popularly known as boubou. She took another deep breath and released it before plastering a smile on her face only to find the Chief asleep, making an orchestra with his loud snores.

She shook her head again, put on her sandals and carried her bag before happily strutting out of the hotel room. 

With her out of the room, she missed Chief opening his eyes and the suspicious look he shot in her direction. 

Thank God he didn't sneak up on me. Now let me go and see why that busybody younger sister of mine called.

As she was getting out of the elevator, her eyes met that of Patrick, Chief Adeakin's bodyguard-slash-driver, who looked like he just got into the hotel. 

He was a huge man with his six feet and some inches height, menacing eyes and so muscular that she believed he could snap her neck like it was a dry twig. She didn't like him one bit because she was afraid of him and he didn't try to make himself likeable either. He always got on her nerves with his knowing smiles and overall judgemental disposition. Thus, nobody could blame her for the sudden chills that went through her spine. 

"Ahn ahn, Miss Iyun. You're leaving so early. Hope all is well?" he said with the usual smirk on his face, as he pocketed his phone. 

Stuttering, she said, "Ehn, ye–yes. I have to l–leave. There's a kind of emergency at home. So–" Iyun, get a grip o! God, help me! 

As he moved in her direction, Iyun backed up too. He noticed and gave a smile she could only describe as devilish. 

"Okay, let me help you carry your bag to the taxi."

Her heart beat which was already loud, only got louder, if that was possible, and her stuttering worsened. Did he know? Why is everyone acting like they know something today?

"I, I, I will carry it myself. D–don't worry. I need to leave now. I will see you later this week, ehn. Bye, Mayowa," she said, forcing out a smile as she scrambled away from him. 

If she was just brave enough to turn around one last time, she would have seen him bring out his phone and heard him say, "She seemed jittery and suspicious, sir." But she wasn't and she proved the saying, "a man that flies from his fear may find that he has only taken a shortcut to meet it."**

**Saying by:

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Children of Húrin.

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