Smiling In Heaven (SIH)
Smiling In Heaven (SIH)
Author: Oluwafunmito Star


Michal and her sister Mirabella just got back from school, their mother wasn't around to pick them up as usual both girls had to board a cab home. Since their father died two years ago their mother, Catherine hardly had the time for her children she was always busy with her banking job, she would tell them.

"I have to work hard to fend for us, you girls know its not easy to be a single parent, I have to pay your school fees and other bills. Please try not to judge me," and then she would turn to Michal and say "Michal, you know the nature of my job please just try to understand and look after your sister for me. I promise it won't have to be like this forever."

"Mom isn't back" Mirabella mumbled as she fumbled with the pillows on the sofa.

"Back by this time? You are definitely missing it Mirabella" Michal sat down looking so tired. "When will she ever have the time for us?" 

"Maybe when we're married." Mirabella deadpanned.

"Married?" Michal furrowed her brows "Come here naughty girl, what do you know about Marriage?" She asked.

"Nothing really, but I know we won't be living with her after we get married." She told Michal.

"Really? So how is she going to have our time then?"

"I don't know," Mirabella shrugged a shoulder.

"What do you even know, you're just nine" Michal joked.

"I know a lot Michal, I know a lot." She protested.

"A lot indeed." Michal stood up and head to the room they both shared, Mirabella gently trailed behind her.

"Mom is back!" Mirabella squealed. She was happy to see her mother.

"Welcome mom."  Michal greeted wondering why her mother came home early today.

"Hello angels, how are you and how was school today?" Catherine hugged her kids and kissed their foreheads.

"Was stressful mom," Michal replied "You came home early today." 

"I am sorry angels" She said. "Yes, Michal mommy needs to rest."

"Alright mom, I'm so hungry." Mirabella rubbed her belly with her palm, she threw the pillows off and sat on her mom's laps."

She missed sitting on her laps so much.

Baby." Catherine kissed her daughter, she looked at Mirabella she's grown so well she was now tall enough for her age, her sharp brown eyes twinkled, her small smile revealed her almost non-existent dimples, her toned fair skin glittered radiantly and she was glad she did well in taking care of her. "Let me freshen up so I can get you guys something to eat." She grinned revealing her dimples, Mirabella took after her in that body feature. Michal looked more like her dad, she had a caramel skin, a skinny body, large gray orbs and a thick black hair. Her long legs and body type made her pass for a model, but honestly she wasn't interested in being one.

"Okay ma," She carried her mom's bag to her room, Michal still laid still on the couch.

"Michal are you okay"? Catherine asked Michal.

"No mom, my head aches." She complained frowning.

"Is it your period?" She placed a hand on her forehead.

"Not really mom, just normal headache."

She told her.

"Have you taken any pain reliever yet?" Catherine looked so worried.

"Yes mommy I took Ibuprofen,I'll be fine.. I think its stress we're stressed out in school today. Don't worry mommy I will be okay." Her warm smile melted her mom's heart.

"Okay baby, take Care and rest well." She kissed Michal and went inside her room where she met Mirabella rummaging her bag, she smiled and gave her a slight knock on her head Mira jumped in fear and smiled when she saw her mom. "Mommy." She pouted cutely..

"Hey sleepy head, food is ready." Mirabella woke her sister up from her deep sleep.

"Mira?" Michal yawned.

"Yes baby," She laughed at her sister's funny face "Just take a look at your face, you look so cute, the opposite though.. You slept really long."

"Hmm. I was tired." She wore her slippers and followed Mirabella to the dining where her mother had already served the food.

"Michal pray for us." Catherine said and she prayed. Soon they were digging in their forks and devouring a meal of rice and chicken stew.


The next day at school Mirabella went to her sister's class during lunch break, she went to meet her for money. Michal hesitated before finally giving her, Mirabella was really a pain in the neck she didn't stop pressurizing Michal till she found a reason to give her what she demanded.

"Mira, take this and don't come to my class next time if you don't want me to smack your head." Michal warned after giving her the money.

"You can't even do it," She glared at her sister and continued "And what's wrong in coming to my sister's class to ask for money? You won't dare smack my head Michal." She frowned.

"Okay, no problem but madam can you please leave my class before our teacher comes in here?"

"But this is break time your teacher won't do a thing."

"Okay, stay there and wait for her to catch you here." Michal got busy with writing, something she was doing before Mirabella interrupted her.

"Bye bye." She left the class, Michal's classmates had been watching them since Mirabella came into the class, they loved to watch the cute banter between the sisters whenever Mirabella showed up, Most of them liked her even though they don't really like Michal.

Typical Mira, she was a clown on her own.

"How much did she give you?" Lekky asked Mirabella.

"just two hundred naira." Mirabella replied.

"It should be enough for today. I still have one hundred naira with me." She searched her small purse and brought the money out, she gave it to Mirabella and they both left for the school store. They joined the long queue.

Lekky was Mirabella's best friend, they were both in j.s.s.2 they had many things in common viz same height, same complexion, same birthday month, same age and  their hobbies are alike with their best being Singing, they loved to sing so much and they have always had the dream to be a music star someday. The both girls also have same ability in almost all subjects.

A mild resemblance and sometimes would mistake them for sisters, maybe they were sisters with their level of intimacy one could call them more than friends, yes definitely sisters. Michal loved the both of them so much and Lekky was also her younger sister, sometimes when she couldn't handle Mirabella she would call Lekky for help, that one knows how to handle her best friend very well.

"Oh! I got that before that senior." Mirabella giggled holding the two pieces of mince pie she bought. Lekky laughed. "Those seniors always think they are smart." She added.

"Smart? They are dumb!! Numbskulls!!" Mirabella yelled making both girls burst into laughter.

"When we get to the class we will share this. First person to get to our seat." Lekky ran off immediately after saying this leaving no room for Mirabella to catch her breath and begin her own race, she frowned and ran along muttering curse words underneath her breath, Lekky is a scam.

When they got to the class they settled to eat, Mirabella gave Lekky a hard knock on her head first.

"Ouch," Lekky grimaced. "That hurts."

"That's what you get for betraying your bestie." She smirked and took a large bit of the pie in her hand.

A student came inside the class to inform the girls their music teacher was calling them, they hurried to his office.

"Good afternoon sir." They greeted in unison.

"Hi girls, sit down." Mr James, the music teacher instructed and they both sat down.

"Lekky and Mirabella, I went through the lyrics you wrote on the music let's make the world a better place. How did you come up with such brilliant lyrics?" He asked smiling.

"I wrote some parts myself and my sister helped me with the other verses." Mirabella was the first to respond.

"Same here sir but it was my mom that helped me with other verses." Lekky told him.

"Really cool, I'm proud of you girls. You have to keep the fire burning huh? Constant practice and determination will get you up there, don't give up on your dreams I know you can do it Lekky, I know you're capable Mirabella." Mr James looked at both girls and smiled wholeheartedly.

"Thank you sir." They smiled back.

"Alright, I will call you for the rehearsal later, I just couldn't help but to commend your work. I will see you girls later." He told them.

"Okay sir." They both left the office.

" Mira, I told you we can do it." Lekky turned Mirabella's head to face hers.

"Yes, I am so happy." She hugged Lekky tightly.

"Hey, don't break me. First to get to the class." Lekky said and ran without waiting for Mirabella.

"Hey!" Mirabella yelled and ran after her best friend.

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Love this book, and I'll try my best to keep up!
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good I think

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