A year later.

He called her to meet him in the house, she rushed there cos of how his voice sounded on the phone.

When she got to his apartment she opened the door swiftly, and took the first step in, when her phone beeped. She looked at the screen and it was a message from him.

"Check the table, you'll see a tiny paper. Read its content and do whatever that's in there. Love, Hammed." She did as instructed, she picked the paper up and looked at it,

"Go to the kitchen and check the first counter by the right."  Were the words scribbled on it, she sighed and gently, walked towards the kitchen.

'What's Hammed up to now?' She thought.

She got to the kitchen and checked the first counter by the right on it was a love card, she picked it and read through it.

A tiny piece of paper was attached to it, she read out what was written o

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