CHAPTER V: Job Interview

Days had passed and it is already Monday. I had fun yesterday, the people that bumped into me invited me to have lunch with them.

The mother insisted that she will treat me to lunch because she was sorry and will not stop feeling bad about what happened if she will not make it up to me so I accepted the invitation.

At first, I was feeling uneasy as to they were strangers to me. I am not good at socializing with new people but the kid, Audrey was too adorable and made sure to break the tension. It was like she knew I am not comfortable with her and her mother. Isla, on the other hand is very outgoing.

"One more touch and ready to go" I muttered under my breath as I put on the last piece of my earings.

Today is the d-day, which means it is the day of my interview. Even though the interview is still at seven-thirty, here I am standing in front of my mirror at six o'clock in the morning.

I woke up pretty early owing to I am very excited for this interview and I do not want to leave a bad impression.

As I stood in front of my body length mirror, judging my choice of clothing and making sure everything is ready, I release a deep breathe and put on my black pumps.

Getting my purse and look at the body length mirror once again, finalizing my over all look and walk outside the bedroom door.


I grabbed a taxi downstairs and told the driver the address. On the thirty minute drive there, I tried to imagine what the interview would be like. What kind of questions might they ask? Are the questions the same like any other business doing an interview? Hopefully, it will not be too hard.

Before I know it, the car has pulled to a stop. The ride was short as I am now standing in front of the CazoS Enterprise.

"Here you go Miss- CazoS Enterprise" the driver said, looking to the side. I followed where his gaze at and I stared in total awe. Wow, this place is surely big but why was I so surprised?

The driver cleared his throat, breaking me out of my own thoughts tapping his fingers on the steering wheel as he expectantly stared at me through the rear mirror. 

"Oh, I am sorry! Here you go! Thank you for the ride." I handed him the taxi fare with an apologetic smile and got out of the car. The yellow taxi drove off as I stood at the entrance.

Sighing, I straightened myself one more time and stride towards the building. As I got closer, the golden colored bold letters of "CazoS Enterprise" can be seen visibly above the double mirror door entrance.

Standing on both sides of the doors were two muscular men in black suits as they checked all that entered inside the building. The security guards, I presume. I walked past them after getting myself checked and walk towards the front desk.

A woman sat at the desk with her blonde hair tied neatly in a bun and a light red lipstick applied to her thin lips. Her work attire was similar to the other employees here with a shiny silver name tag pinned above her left breast, Zoey Monroe. She was busy typing away on the computer. 

Clearing my throat seem to get her attention as she began to look up. When she noticed my presence, I felt her eyeing me up and down before offering me her smile politely.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" The woman said. I suppose this is the receptionist .

"Hi, I am Audrey Mcfeller and I have an appointment at seven-thirty."

As soon as she heard me saying my name her face lights up and offered me a big smile.

"Oh! Right! You are here for the position of the secretrary. My name is Zoey and Liam here will be the one to escort you" She said.

"Come this way, miss" Liam, who I just noticed goes in front of me as he extend his hands motioning me to follow him.

Following, I tried to have a small talk with Liam and learned that he has been working here for five years now. The man is friendly enough and made sure to distract me because my nervousness got his attention as I am slightly shaking.

"Well, this is it. I am not allowed to go inside because only the interviewees are allowed to go. All you have to do is take that separate elevator and it will lead you to Mrs. Proy. I wish you all the best, Ms. Mcfeller." and with that he turned around and goes back inside the elevator door.

Taking a deep breathe and raking a hand around my hair, I walked over to the elevator. As I waited, I heard heavy footsteps heading in my direction and stopped right beside me.

Ding! The elevator doors slowly slide open. When I was about to take a foot step inside the elevator when someone cleared it's throat from behind.


I turned around and found a furious looking man standing there, glaring at me with hard eyes. He looked like he was around in his late 20's dressed in a black suit with matching tie and dress shoes, I could feel his authority. He had light brown hair that was neatly gelled up. His arms were crossed over his chest as if he was a little kid who was not getting what he wanted.

Why was this man looked too furious? I could not be more confused than I am now.

"What do you think you are doing? Do you know who I am?" He asked, pointing a finger at his chest.

"I am sorry but no, I do not know you. Should I know who you are?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows. 

I am not sure if it was just me but he seemed as if he got even agrier from what I said.

"Excuse me!?" He roared out, arms were no longer crossed. His fist were clenched. The veins in his neck were bulging. I could almost imagine smoke coming out of his earlobes and nostrils.

Right when I was about to ask him what the heck he was angry about, I remembered why I was here from the start. 

The interview! Shoot!

"I am sorry to disturb you, but I have to get going." I said which made the man in front of me narrow his eyes at me and getting more angrier but I do not have time for this! I turned my attention to the elevator.

When did the doors got closed? Oh right! You only have seconds to enter before it will close again.

I quickly pressed the elevator button once again and when I was about to step inside, someone grabbed my wrist and forced me to face the person. "Take another elevator, I do not like sharing it to other people." He pointed out.

"Dude that hurts! Let go!" I freed my wrist from his grasp wincing. 

"Did you just call me dude!?" 

I ignored him and rushed into the elevator. I repeteadly pressed the "close" button in a hurry, praying that it would work faster as I am now late.

The top floor button lit up as it slid open and stepped out.

This is it, so help me God.

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