Chapter 60

THE five people consisted of three men and two women. Their leader, one who was always ahead and at the center, was an elderly man with small, dark eyes and a beard. When he was nearer to Chloe and the others, he said, “Young lady, you should step away from there.”

Vivien's shoulders tensed. She knew the voice very well. She had heard the scathing remarks for years and she could never forget it.

“Don’t let her escape. She has no place in this world. That monster is a danger to us all.”

The village elder. The Li clan's chief. Vivien never thought the old man would still be alive after ten long years. The hair was whiter, and the figure stooped lower with age, but there was no mistaking that voice.

A voice in her head screamed again, "Run!"

Oh, how she wished she could. But she was pinned on the ground, her feet was heavier and her body was not cooperating with her at all.

“What happened to this person?” Marjien asked, gesturing to the bones, “Who w

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