Chapter 21

SHE blocked the strike that aimed at her head with her sword and shifted her weight to push it away. She blocked another sword coming to her stomach and turned to another opponent. Her opponent aimed at her throat but she ducked under the blade and swept her foot to knock her opponent off-balance.

She turned to her opponent and dodged to the side when her opponent dabbed the thin dangerous sword on her midsection. She spun behind the opponent and slammed her hilt on its left back shoulder. The opponent grunted and dropped to the ground, hissing in pain.

"Use your power, Iwaoka!" her hoarse voice growled at him.

She felt a tingle on the back of her neck and she knew what was coming. She ducked and rolled to the side, and in her place were two daggers in the ground. She spun to her feet and pulled her arm with the sword back then her hand in front of her, palms facing the opponent.

She smirked, not even a drop of sweat or uneven breathing could be seen or heard from her. She stabbed her
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