Let's see were this goes

❤Billie Rolene❤

It's been days since Ashley and Elsa left..and our break is over. 

Our presence is needed fully and highly at GIC

Adrian kept teasing me the more after they left. But he hasn't tortured me for long.

We were about leaving for work this morning but i delibrately delayed as i kept singing and making some moves with my butt looking at the mirror

I Love singing actually..but dancing is not my type.

That not withstanding, he was in his room dressing up..yet kept messaging me that he hoping I'm getting set.

I just hissed at the messages and kept singing with my bathing robe on.

He has been annoying me these days..but, i don't retaliate.

Now is the time to pay back..for I've gone out of patients

Since i didn't reply his messages,  he called..and i didn't dare not to pick. Because he once warned me never to do that.

So i answered

On phone

"I've been texting and you aren't replying. Have you lost it this morning?" he said immediately i picked

"You've send me about a thousand messages..must i reply before you know I've read it!?" i said

"I can see you've really lost it this morning..i just hope you're prepared. 'cause if you aren't you'll follow me just the way you are.." he said and my heart skipped giving me a warning but i ignored

"Ok.." i said simply

"Okayy?" he said and still didn't hang up

"What?" i asked 

"I'm very serious baby bird. Hope my words didn't float in the air..'cause you know i honour every word i say and keep it." he said and hung up 

I didn't give a damn to that..'cause he won't dare!

❤Adrian Jaylene❤

I cut the call and kept on dressing..i feel she's up to something but i don't know what exactly.

All this time during breakfast..she kept humming a song as she took her time to chew every meal that entered her mouth.

I just took my break fast ignoring whatever information she was trying to pass.

And now..i really got he message.

But, i won't play along.

I'll use whatever thing she's planing against her

I finished dressing up..and went to her room..only to find her singing with her bath ware and moving her butt left to right infront of the mirror

I smirked and got in locking the door behind me..

We were suppose to be on our way by now..but she kept delaying during breakfast and now this!

Ok..let's see were this goes.

❤Billie Rolene❤

I didn't realised when Adrian got in since i was so serious singing..but i got his scent. I didn't turn to look at him even though i know he knows i knew he was around

He came and stood behind me as i kept singing as if he wasn't present..

His eyes dated to my bath ware through the mirror and i smirked inwardly..

He looked so mersmerising today and hot. Shit! when did i start taking note of such things

He gave me a very weird and lustful look through the mirror that coursed me to stop dancing but..i kept singing

I wasn't looking in his eyes at first but then he did something..that coursed me my life as my heart was about to be displaced from it's original position.

He came very close to me still standing behind me, he placed his hands on my waist gently..and i stopped singing and shrugged and looked up to him in the mirror and he looked back..piecing deep in my soul.

He pulled me against his hard chest and i took a long breath.

He extended his hands infront and loosened my bathware belt from the front..

Thank god i wore a light pink robe inside..'cause he completely removed my bathware top..and i gulped

He took a good look at me and kissed my ear loope with his hands on my side..i flinched with my mouth slightly open and closed my eyes.

I could feel his warm breath on my neck.

This wasn't part of the plan..but i dived deep in it.

He started giving me that massage he gave me last time..

But this time it was more effective since i wore just a light robe..

It made me humme slightly almost like a wisper as i layed my head against his left shoulder.

He held me tight with his left hand still on my waist

He moved his hands to my stomach and i felt my nipples harden.

I bet he saw it..'cause my robe was so light.

With my eyes still closed, i felt his right hand pass on my aroused nipple..and i gasped.

He didn't place it there for long..i bet he did that on purpose to get me needy..'cause it only made my nipple more harden.

He wispered to my ears still massaging my left waist with his left hand.

"I can see and feel those little aroused buds seeking for attention.." 

I bit my lower lip controlling my moans..yet he did the worst

As he kept looking at me through the mirror and saw how hard i bit my lip..

He placed his hands on my shoulder an pulled down the hand of my robe until it was completely out of my shoulder..

He moved his hands on my collar bone and wispered..with that same deep but soft voice saying

"You smell so good and soft.." after which he deliberately touch my aroused bud..i couldn't control this time as i moaned

"Adrian.." i said

My whole body was on fire when he finally said

"And now we're good to go.."

I was weak and weird..i couldn't leave in this state.

So i opened my eyes gently as he picked my bathrobe from the floor and wore it on me.

He extended his hands and tired i kept giving him a confused look through the mirror

"Why are you putting back my bathrobe..when I'll have to change?" i said still recovering from that torment..but i didn't know there was more when he said

"You're leaving like this" he said and i chuckled almost about to laugh but just kept it for next time 'cause right now..i needed to take whole of my self

"You know that's not possible.." i said and he furrowed his brows 

"Said who?" he asked and i turned to him. Looking straight up in his eyes 

"Me..I'm not leaving this house until i change" i said

"You know i didn't do all this for nothing right? 

This is your reward for playing with me at the wrong time. 

I don't take back my words and you know that. 

I've been observing you this morning like i wasn't aware of the message you were about to send me..but then i knew you were up to something.

From henceforth, you're going to learn how to play rightly. Anything you do, do perfectly well." he said and i gulped

"Adrian, you can't seriously expect me to follow you like this condition. I can't.." i said and was about turning around when he carried me over his shoulder towards the door

OMG he's damn serious!


To be continued... 

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