Delayed Diagnosis

Delayed Diagnosis

By:  kingsleyefughi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rex Obasi was just an average banker, struggling to cope with the fact that his fiancé left him after 8 years. In a crazed moment of greed he steals documents worth millions of naira. But there's something peculiar mixed with the documents, a piece of paper containing strange numbers -coordinates he doesn't understand. When the coordinates lead to a human trafficking ring operating under the guise of a NGO, he realized he has stumbled on what is no doubt the deadliest organized crime in the history of the Country. Now his world of deposit slips and check books is replaced with guns and bullets, knives and assassins. It's up to Rex to put a stop to it, protect his family and just maybe get another chance at love. But there's every chance he'll get a bullet instead..

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Aku'no Tenshi
A good read indeed! I've had fun reading! don't stop
2021-12-03 23:41:41
2 Chapters
Fumi was 29, a few months older than me although that fact was hidden from her and as a matter of fact she believed me to be older. She had eyes shaped like a cat which gave her face a dangerous yet sultry look and she was also armed with full lips which she always pouted when she was in her 'like me' mode. I always had the impression of her spending hours in front of the mirror practicing the look till she attained the devastating effect. She was average height and her body was actually very there! (Mischievous grin)Apart from her mixed signals I had never come on to her and she had never seemed bothered by it. Not until about three weeks ago when things with Fome' went south that I felt her open up more and I was actually surprised with her caring attitude which although still rare seemed genuine. I never considered myself as a particularly private person but I found out the one thing I loathed was the attention from the office, being a topic of d
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I looked at strange eyes in silence as my hard on deflated like a pricked balloon."Get up you idiot" he said with a cruel smile obviously enjoying the situation.I've never been much of a fighter and I've always believed in the philosophy of running away to fight another day or in my case to keep on running and never have to fight again. But at that moment I was overcome with rage all of a sudden and I jumped from the bed and charged at strange eyes, "what did you do to her?" I said referring to Fumi.Strange eyes was very agile and quick and must have had some form of military training because with equal speed he brought his knee to my face and dragged me back, refusing to let me fall."You are more stupid than I thought" he snapped.I could hardly hear a word he said because my ears were ringing like it was break time and indeed I felt my face could break."Believ
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