Chapter 978 A Happy Morning And A Delivery

Jackson’s eyes shone with a smile. He put a helping of nutrient-rich congee to her lips. “It’s fine. My mom’s eager to feed you and let you sleep to your heart’s content. It’s like raising a pig. The fatter you are, the happier she’ll be. She’s already taking care of your lunch, while you’re having your breakfast right now. I’m her son, yet even I’ve never enjoyed such treatment.”

Tiffany’s heart was overflowing with sweetness. “Why is your mom so nice to me? She’s nicer to me than my own mother. I’m just overwhelmed by her favor.”

“I think she’s more eager to have you as her daughter, more so than her daughter-in-law,” he said, half-jokingly. “She’s always wished that I was a daughter instead, calling me a wet blanket demon, and apparently, I’m not as considerate as a daughter would be. I think you’re more of a killjoy than I am.”

Tiffany smiled as she drank the congee, not even using a spoon. Her appetite was great. She finished the entire bowl, which Jackson took downstairs for h
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