Chapter 37

Henry was having lunch with his friend, Ethan Peters, a lawyer that handled all of his legal matters. They had known each other for almost a century now, had fought a war together, and spent countless nights in bars and pubs across Europe in some other life when they were younger and appreciated adventures of other kinds.

For the past month, life to Henry seemed like a dream. He could feel how much Elizabeth loved him, even though she never said it. He could see it in every move she made, in every word she said, in every kiss she gave him. He had never thought that having his mate beside him could make him this happy, this fulfilled, this complete as he has felt now.

Even if the whole world ceased to exist at this very moment and Elizabeth was the only one left by his side, he wouldn’t complain. She would be enough. She is enough.

He felt the need to give her everything, to smother her with his love and gifts, and to take her to see the world with him, but he also understood her rel
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It has to be mommy and daddy choice vampire boy

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