The Adventure of August Back to Earth

The Adventure of August Back to Earth

By:  charmainglorymae  Completed
Language: English
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August is back on Earth. After her almost-death experience in Pandora, she’s now living a normal life and trying to forget the painful memories. She thought she will never see him again, not until Cayden’s face appeared right in front of her with a different identity.

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72 Chapters
August's POVI just looked out the window. My vision has no destination. When I woke up, I thought all those events were just a dream, but I was wrong. I woke up one day in a hospital inside the ICU with a healing stab wound and I've been declared missing for two weeks. I don't know how I only disappeared for two weeks when I was there in Pandora for almost a year. I know it was real. That's not a dream. I'm not stupid enough to think that it's all just a dream.I don't know how I got home. I remembered, I died. My heart did stop beating but how am I alive? I have so many questions but I don't get any answers. I can't talk to anyone about this because if I ask, I might be mistaken for a madman, and worst, I might be sent to a mental institution. No one will believe me. No one believes in magic in this world.It was all a mystery. But I couldn't smile no matter how hard I tried to be happy. Now that I am here on earth, I feel that I have lost something big. I am missing someone and I k
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Chapter 1
August's POVI fixed my long and wavy hair in front of the mirror. I feel like I'm not the one in front of the mirror. The girl I am staring back at is too sophisticated. I just sighed and took my red purse. I am now wearing a black fitted dress that is only half thigh long and has an off-shoulder design at the top. It is plain and has no design whatsoever but it looks too sexy still. I also looked at my red pumps with killer heels. I just shook my head. If that guy wasn't my friend, I really wouldn't have done it.I went out of the ladies' room and I met a woman who looked at me. I ignored them. I should act like a bitch because that's what we're talking about. Some people also turned their backs on my men and when I got out and saw the target right away, I smiled at everyone someone even dropped the spoon and some guy even got into a fight with his girlfriend or wife. Like I care who they are.I started walking towards the target. I made sure that my walk is alluring as well as how
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Chapter 2
August's POV"We just received the report. The mafia finally annihilated." Chief introduced us. His expression seems still in shock.We were all seated. Everyone has a confused look at the chief. Who doesn't? What Chief just announced is as if he said, the end of the world later."Chief, maybe that's fake news." A colleague of mine, Drake, said. He is in the investigation department.Almost all of us agreed but I didn't speak. I know Chief. This is not the type to trip or believe in fake news. He doesn't entertain news if it doesn't have any sense."It's unbelievable, but this report is from Interpol." It answered us and it showed pictures on the screen of the mafia lords who are now in prison with a sentence of life imprisonment. Even their subordinates were annihilated and the black market was obliterated."Daebak!" Reed next to me commented. Yeah, he is half Korean and Spanish. It looks Korean, but the name is Spanish. It's so weird. At first glance, you thought the n
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Chapter 3
August's POVIt was as if I had been dug in the stomach when the dizzying rotation stopped. What happened? Did a tornado hit us earlier? My gas is dizzying!My eyes are still spinning but I can't stop paying attention to my surroundings. Wood, check. Land, check. But mountains and slopes? Where are the seesaws? Wait, this is not the playground anymore!I turned around but I don't know the place or it was more correct to say, where am I? Where the hell am I?"Wh-" I cut off hearing the clanking of irons again. Susme, aren't they finished yet?But I was just surprised when the person in black suddenly grabbed my shoulder. I was so shocked and disgusted by its appearance that I immediately turned it down which caused the rest to stop killing each other.I stomped on the one in black who shivered non-stop. "You ultra moronic creepy Halloween man, you're dead. Do you want me to give me a heart attack? Then I will give you a beating."The black being is trying to escape but it could not. He
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Chapter 4
Genieva's POVTo this day I am still disturbed by what happened. We accidentally stumbled into the human world because the Portal suddenly opened. But we didn't know that it was Earth that our enemies crashed into.I felt like seeing a ghost when I saw that girl. Everything about him has too much in common with August. The fact that the girl's name is also August.It's been more than a year since August's tragic accident happened. Is fate playing tricks on us? That girl can't be August. August died because he jumped off a cliff and there was a hill. His body was bruised due to the heavy fall.A lot has happened in one year. Cayden who couldn't handle the pain suddenly lost consciousness and slept for six months and when he woke up he didn't remember anything about August. It's like all memories of August have been erased.Now that mortal woman suddenly landed here. I don't feel anything bad about him but the strong resemblance between the two is a big surprise. Appearance and name. If
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Chapter 5
August's POVCan you guess where I am right now? Well, I'm just here at Genieva's family home. Yep, you're right wet. I was at his home. He said he will adopt me since I am homeless.I almost faint now because of the huge size of their house. The house is not like the western or European that I used to see on TV of rich people. Their house is like a futuristic design. It was made of glass and steel and everything is white. Very unusual. Very unexpected for an Alien."Is this your house?" I asked him. I am very amazed.It shook its head. "This is our villa. Our home is located on a different continent. We have a villa here, because of the Academy. We only have one Academy in Pandora. That's why. Although we have a University called Wilson University, but alone That's only for non-magic people." This answer is explained."I see," I answered. The weird. There are many universities on Earth, but here education is scarce because there is only one school. Take note, the entire world. Unbeli
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Chapter 6
August's POVWe have entered the Academy compound. But I am still gaping like a fish. It's amazing now because I feel like a hunter who found a rare object. Everything will not be justified with just the word amazing. I can't find the right words for the beauty of the place.It is magical and so fantastic but those words don't give them justice. The beauty is so unearthly."Looks like the one who did this was mad at gold, seriously." I only stated."Everything should be at its finest. The students here are from all over the world and came from nobility." Genieva answered."Wow." I just answered. It seems like, I am developing goosebumps every time I rake my eyes at the structure.The Academy is so big and so wide as in literally. I feel like it's the size of Disneyland or universal studios. There are lots of buildings that scream sophistication and I can't figure out why there are so many buildings there."Hey snap it out. We need to go to the registrar's office." Genieva suddenly pro
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Chapter 7
Cayden's POVIt is just a normal morning which is nothing new. I already prepared myself for the class today. I am wearing my usual attire of white insides and a blue vest with a golden cravat and black wool pants same thing as the knee-length boots. I am also wearing a red cape. Don't be confused, this is the uniform of a Holy knight.I went out of my room and found my mother waiting for me. She is wearing the same regal aura as usual."Cayden, I need to tell you something." He opened it to me.I have a feeling of what will be this particular something but I didn't lead him."Yes, mother?" I answered here."Cayden, I think it is time for you to choose your wife. You are nineteen already and you need to get married soon." It promised. It's worried because of my lack of interest in girls so it's rushing me."I'll think about it." I calmly answered this. Even I do not understand myself. No matter what I do, I am not interested in any woman. A lot of people pay attention to me but even a
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Chapter 8
August's POVThe days passed and I was slowly learning to hate being a celestial lady. Everything here is worthless. Some so many people don't like me. I don't even have any friends in my class because they think I'm abnormal. Because I can answer something in my class and even the teacher doesn't seem to like me either.I want to stop but I'm too shy to tell Gen. But I don't want to be in the Celestial Circle. I'm too out of place with them. My movements don't even synchronize with theirs. They are all pabebe girls I don't like those styles. I always fall asleep during our prayer time. It's sleepy. I would pray in a very quiet place and face a weird golden statue. Crap, that is not my God! I have only one God!I don't want to. I will just pray silently."Look who's here." Nanya, one of my classmates, mockingly promised. This is the leader of the camps of darkness here. Yes, this is the queen of black consciences. It's beautiful on its own, even beating the thickness of the earth's la
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Chapter 9
August's POVI've been a ninja at the academy for a few days, as well as at home. Ever since that incident happened in the auditorium, this Gen is like the FBI because he is only hunting me to investigate. Thank God it didn't catch me because I'm naturally good at running away.I also have a big problem with the academy. I avoided being led into the Holy knight Circle because I might meet that grumpy prince. I also do ninja moves in the pantry because Gen might see me. This is tiring. I'm already having a lot of problems, the others are adding up. It's as if the Lord is angry with me. Huhuhu."Hey, August you are eating alone," Hera promised me. My classmate. I don't consider her my friend since we are only civil to each other. But we are not enemies either. Only this girl doesn't seem to care about me. Unlike others who have all the attention on me. Don't take the sarcasm."Ah yeah. I don't have a choice." My answer is simple. I was surprised when he placed his tray in front of me an
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