Eschia (FANTASY)
Eschia (FANTASY)
Author: Swirly

Chapter 1

"Sis, If I were you, I won't buy a felt tip eyeliner though the packaging is enticing" I said while rummaging through the wild selection of eye products at Watson's

 "Why sis? I want it!  And, You do note girl! It is cheap! Plus, it has a stamp at the other end. Look at this thing, Isn't it cute? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete? Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, the girl who has everything? "  

Callista sang as if she is Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She forgot that we're here at a store not in a concert venue to sing like a Disney Princess. What a crazy friend it is!

I shook my head because of disbelief. Why do I have to deal with difficult people today? 

"Actually Mam, we have a special offer for this week, buy 3 any Blythe by Careline products, and you'll get the Eyeliner Duo Stamp for free!" 

Great! Now we got the attention of a saleslady. Thanks to her melodic mermaid voice. 

"Well thanks !" I smiled as I dragged my friend further away from the saleslady.

  "The problem with those eyeliners is it dries over time, and when it happens, you won't get the precision that you want. You won't achieve your signature winged eyeliner look. Did you forget what happened to your Urban Decay Liner? You called me at work asking how to rehydrate it without becoming too watery!" 

She frowned like a puppy who scolded by her owner.

"Buy the Eyebrow Trio instead. It will be a big bang for your buck though it doesn't include a spoolie brush. I'm sure you already have sets of brushes. Next is their Starlight Eyes in Lynx and Cassiopeia. I'll tell you girl those are the bomb! They are the dupes for Stila Glitter and Glow Eyeshadow and Pixi glitter eyeshadow, though their applicator is not great. Lastly, I know how much you love Highlighters so go get the Stardust Palette"

I already made a suggestion based on the makeup line that she wants because she'll definitely ask my opinion eventually. 

"Girl, Lemme remind you. You are Chia right now, my BFF not Eschia the Usability Analyst. And did Tito Usher block your credit cards? You have your own, Right? I knew you just received your paycheck last night"

If you're someone who is saving money, then Callista is the worst friend you could ever have. I can't remember how did she become my BFF in the first place.

"You know I had a bad day at work right?! And here you are, you took me to Watson's to buy makeup, we'll line up to the already long queue that will take 30 minutes of my precious time then you'll go the next store and ta-dah! Dejavu!" 

Don't get me wrong. I love shopping too. It is my stress reliever but I am making sure that what I buy are the things I only need. Let's say yes, sometimes I buy things which I think are cute however, I don't want to buy something that will end up in our storage room. Wasting money and more clutter is a no-no for me. 

"Sorry Sis, I thought you would like to go on a shopping spree since you are stressed. But I guess, you're not just a typical girl" 

I sighed out of frustration. Dear Lord, give me more patience to spare my friend's life!

 "You know what will make me happy right? " I anxiously said 

"Then let's go to Starbucks! It's on me!" she exclaimed while linking her arms to mine 

When I heard the "magic word" it boosted my morale, followed by "It's on me".  She's not oblivious to what I really want. This time, I could really say that Callista is such a good friend!

We headed to Starbucks to chill out and enjoy my Ube Cheesecake! I love how creamy it is. The amount of sweetness is just right unlike other cakes that would make me inject insulin even if I don't have diabetes. Lastly, purple is a cute color! As I'm enjoying my " supposed to be an afternoon snack but it turns out it will be my unhealthy lunch since I lost my appetite because of a thot", I noticed something. And it goes like this : 

Oh, Starbucks! Look at what you have! The aromatic scent of freshly brewed coffee, A  desert that only the Philippine branch offers, energetic high school students, college students finishing their projects, entrepreneurs discussing business-related matters, and my best friend who hunts for her next date. What a fantastic scene it is!  

"Hey, girl! I will just remind you, we're here to cheer me up not to flirt and look for your boyfriend" 

Instead of listening to my rants, she is checking out hot men here. I think I will take back what I said earlier. Callista is such a pesky friend. 

"Sorry girl, I get distracted easily. There are many hot guys here I dunno which one I will choose, is it the morena guy that has a good body or the mestizo guy whose smile is charming. What do you think girl? Wait, girl! Have you seen that?! The Moreno guy waved at me! She waved at me! I think I should get his Instagram handle!" 

I didn't answer her stupid question. I grabbed her wrist and glared at her

"Fine. So, tell me about the misery of that bitch" then she starts slurping  her drink

I smiled as I sip through my frappe. The past 6 hours went like this: 

"Good Morning, we're here to discuss the data that we've gathered regarding the prototype that was given to us by the...." 

I paused when I heard the continuous knocks. 

"Pete, could you please open the door for me," I asked one of my assistants. 

"Hey Chia! Hurry up! Tito Usher wants to talk to you" that's Danny my cousin and one of the board of directors in our company.

My eyebrows arched. What is it again this time?  

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