Eschia (FANTASY)

Eschia (FANTASY)

By:  Swirly  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I know, I should not cling in the past but I want to see him. Even once. Please let me say goodbye to him" These are the words that Eschia said that night. When she woke up, she was transported into the world of the novel that her best friend wrote. Wait, there's more!The novel's main characters' appearances are based on her and her boyfriend. That's not a big deal right? It's an advantage instead! However, it only applies if she reincarnated as the female lead and not the villain.

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nice story, keep it up :) do you have any socmed that I can follow?
2021-07-08 13:35:01
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Jainishaa Mani Maran
waiting for update
2021-09-24 21:19:53
12 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Sis, If I were you, I won't buy a felt tip eyeliner though the packaging is enticing" I said while rummaging through the wild selection of eye products at Watson's  "Why sis? I want it!  And, You do note girl! It is cheap! Plus, it has a stamp at the other end. Look at this thi
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Chapter 2
"Okay Team, we'll resume the meeting this afternoon" I announced.  Dad is kind but a bit impatient. His pet peeve is when people make him wait. An example is every time he picks us up at school, you only have
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Chapter 3
1st stage : Denial  Eschia was astonished when she heard the unfortunate news. At first, she thought it was just a prank. On the other hand, she can't ignore the sadness painted on her mother's face. When she saw Trey's
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Chapter 4
"No way! This is not happening!" I said to myself while looking at the mirror.  Why is the reflection on the mirror different? 
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Chapter 5
I am sure that "those things" are the culprit. I have to gather enough evidence so Hugo and the Emperor will believe me. Yes, I need a powerful authority to stop this shit that they're doing for so many generations.  
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Chapter 6
 "Mr. Echo!"  This is weird. I could only hear the echo of my voice while looking for them. Why did my friend choose this name? 
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Chapter 7
 When I was 7 years old, my Mom and I used to live in Islamorada, a beach town in the state of Florida where chilling on the beach is a favorite pastime. When you got tired of sunbathing, you could try snorkeling or diving around its impressive coral reefs, that's the thing this town's known for. 
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Chapter 8
 Veluven is said to be a "blessed empire". According to its history, the very first emperor named Ydar is a god so Imperial family members will inherit healing and shapeshifting abilities. 
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Chapter 9
 Behind the walls of the magnificent Coile Castle, a princess has been begging for sunshine. She's been cooped up with these books and dolls that won't talk to her even if she wanted to. There were times when she is just counting the strands of her hair so she'll feel that she became productive. Ever since the outbreak among the children and women began, his brothers and father forbid her from stepping outside the palace's premises without their permission.
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Chapter 10
After having an emotional outburst in front of the man that I tried hard to avoid, I apologized because of my childish behavior.  "You don't have to ask forgiveness for not being alright, we all experience being hopeless" the prince replied after sipping his cup of tea
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