Chapter 57: His Whore

Aisha POV:

“I want Divorce....” his three simple words kept ringing in my mind like a broken tape record, I don’t remember how long I was glued to my spot with my eyes fixed on his bedroom door but I was brought back in my senses by someone who deliberately pushed me by my shoulder form side “Oh… am sorry, I didn’t realize you was standing in my way” I heard a female voice which ultimately made me turn all my attention towards her furthermore my eyes went wide in realization when I saw her painted face and sinister smile ‘What?.. Why the hell is she here?’ my sub immediately questioned me as I on other hand kept staring at her like she was some ghost from past ‘Why did Ravan called his…. Whore?, is he really Divorcing me…..?’ I questioned myself in mind hearing which ‘Isn’t that obvious, you dum

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Megha Kharbanda
Hi author Honestly I am hooked with this story but why there is so much trouble in there life poor Ravan why he has to lose very time when comes to his feelings I am very sad really want Ravan to fight for this love
goodnovel comment avatar
hie dear, you'll come to know about USB and it's dat in upcomming few cahpter , when there will be one more big revelation :)
goodnovel comment avatar
I agree with you... but who knows maybe she's prego leaving with a special gift.. memory of there lovely moment together...

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