Chapter 51: Is That A Picture?

Joanna's POV

It was a saturday morning. I groaned and stood up, before I  stretched, making an animalistic noise in the process, due to that sweet feeling one gets when you hear your bones crack and stretch evenly.

"Joanna! Get up and clean up, its saturday!" I heard Dad call from downstairs.

"Dad am up!" I called back, after which I moved around as if in a daze and went to the bathroom, where I did my business.

Still in a daze after that, I decided to pull my asleep brain together so it could function, and splashed some water on my face, as I knew Dad wouldn't take it likely with me, if he entered my room in a few minutes, and saw how messy it was, or me, sleeping, even though it was still 7 am.

How I woke up that early by myself, was a shock to me, especially after the crazy night we all had.

Wait, am supposed to be nursing a hangover right now, or di

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