chapter nine

                     (Alexander POV)

I brought my attention back to my sleeping mate and nuzzle my face into her neck just breathing in her scent. I never want us to leave this bed, but sadly I have things I need to take care of like pack business and planning for the Luna ceremony. Now that we have mated my wolf will not calm until we mark each other. I'll also want to introduce her to the pack as their future Queen, but I'll first have to talk to my father about her and he's not going to like it. My father will be against it only cause she is not the right rank in his opinion. I don't care what he thinks about my moon because I'll never leave her. I'm not sure how long I laid there looking at my moon.

'Alex, we're in the kitchen right now getting things ready and we'll be able to be out there in about 30 minutes.'

'Alright Seb, I'll wake her up right now and get her into the bathroom.'

I looked at her knowing how m
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